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Whom to Sue After a North Carolina Truck Accident

Whom to Sue After a North Carolina Truck Accident

Truck accidents, especially those that involve a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck, may result in catastrophic injuries, requiring lifelong medical care and leading to emotional trauma. The financial strain that accompanies a truck accident may overwhelm victims and their families. At Nagle & Associates, Raleigh truck accident lawyer Carl Nagle explores all of the potential avenues for recovery, aiming to maximize compensation for clients. While driver error accounts for many accidents, in some cases a trucking company or truck manufacturer may be held responsible for the resulting harm. Additionally, local or state entities may have failed to address dangerous roads that contributed to a truck crash. Thus, determining whom to sue after a truck accident is a critical part of the process.

Before founding Nagle & Associates, Mr. Nagle worked as an insurance claims adjuster and insurance defense attorney. As a truck accident litigator, he has a keen ability to identify all of the potential contributing causes of an accident. Experienced and compassionate victim advocacy has helped Mr. Nagle and his legal team secure hundreds of millions of dollars for clients throughout the state, including people in Asheville, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem.

Determining Whom to Sue After a Truck Accident

Truck drivers and trucking companies must ensure that they safely travel on roadways. After an accident, injured individuals may wonder whom to sue, including whether they may pursue compensation from the driver or their employer. In fact, there may be multiple parties responsible for causing an accident. Not only may a driver and a trucking company be held accountable for the injuries, but also victims may pursue a claim against a manufacturer of a defective truck part if it is determined to have played a role in the collision.

Driver error causes truck crashes throughout North Carolina. Whether a truck driver is fatigued or recklessly relying on over-the-counter medications to remain awake, accident victims must present evidence that demonstrates negligence in order to recover damages. In some situations, truck drivers may not have properly loaded their vehicle or distributed the weight accordingly. When a truck driver’s careless conduct results in a crash, they may be held legally at-fault.

Accidents involving trucks are unlike passenger vehicle accidents because the truck driver is typically an employee, driving an employer-owned or leased vehicle. Truck companies may be liable for a truck crash under a vicarious liability theory of law, or they may be liable due to their own failure to properly maintain and inspect their vehicles. Commercial trucks are subject to inspection and maintenance requirements. Truck companies must repair any known issues and ensure that all steering, lights, and brakes are properly working. A failure to meet this duty may expose the trucking company to liability. Also, if the trucking company employs an outside vendor to handle maintenance, that service provider can be held liable if improper maintenance is an established cause of the truck accident.

Additionally, local and state governments that neglect dangerous roads in need of repair may be at-fault for harm caused in a truck accident. Dangerous roads pose serious risks to commercial trucks, due to their weight and inability to stop quickly or maneuver easily. If a poorly maintained road contributed to an accident, victims may hold a government entity liable for damages.

Truck accident victims may recover damages under North Carolina law that are designed to compensate them for accident-related costs. Due to the severity of truck accident injuries and the related medical expenses, damages in a truck crash case may be high. Victims who miss work due to their injuries may recover compensation for their missed wages, as well as their decreased earning capacity. The long-lasting impact of a truck collision upon the victim and their family may be quantified through documentation presented by professionals in vocational and medical fields.

Discuss Whom to Sue After a Truck Accident with a Raleigh Attorney

Since dedicating himself to helping injured people more than two decades ago, Raleigh lawyer Carl Nagle has advocated solely for the rights of motor vehicle accident victims in North Carolina. Mr. Nagle and the legal team at Nagle & Associates tirelessly advance the rights of their clients by holding truck drivers and companies accountable for their careless conduct. Our firm also provides a reduced legal fee, helping our clients recover more of a settlement or verdict. As a skilled motor vehicle collision attorney, Mr. Nagle advocates on behalf of people in Raleigh, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Charlotte, Greensboro, Hickory, and other cities in Wake, Mecklenburg, Forsyth, Guilford, Durham, Catawba, New Hanover, and Cumberland Counties. Contact our office today at (800) 411-1583 or online to set up a free consultation.