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Winston Salem Personal Injury Attorney

Our Winston Salem personal injury attorney office is our firm’s headquarters, and has been our primary location for nearly 30 years.  Winston Salem is centrally located in North Carolina, allowing us to service clients statewide through our Winston Salem headquarters and our six branch offices.  We gather and store client medical records in Winston Salem, our trial team is centered here, and we have proudly served clients statewide by coordinating our other local offices in Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington, Charlotte, Hickory and Asheville. 


Winston Salem is typically grouped with Greensboro and High Point and labeled the “Triad” here in North Carolina. Winston Salem is located in Forsyth County, NC, and our personal injury lawyers litigate our Winston Salem motor vehicle cases in the Forsyth County Superior Court. Our current Clerk of Court is Denise Hines, and the Superior Court’s offices and courtrooms are located in the Forsyth County Hall of Justice, 200 North Main Street, Winston Salem, NC 27101. Our Senior Resident Superior Court Judge is L. Todd Burke, and our other Superior Court Judges are Richard Gottlieb, David Hall & Eric Morgan.

For small cases with claims of less than $25,000.00, cases can be filed and tried in the Forsyth County District Court, also located at the Forsyth County Hall of Justice. However, our law firm only handles serious injury cases arising from roadway accidents, and thus our N.C. State Court cases are always filed with the Superior Court. Winston Salem personal injury attorneys conduct all personal injury trials in either the State Court or in the U.S. Federal Court. Federal cases are more rare, and any personal injury case that is filed in the federal court system must either be based on claims arising under federal law (meaning that there is “federal subject matter jurisdiction”), or be claims involving diversity jurisdiction. Diversity jurisdiction arises when the claim value equals or exceeds $75,000.00 in value, AND the plaintiff lives in a different state than all named defendants. Essentially, diversity jurisdiction allows parties from different states to move their cases from the state court system to the federal court system. Our Winston Salem federal court is the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, and the Clerk’s Office and all courtrooms are located in the Ward Federal Building, 251 N Main St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.


We welcome in-person meetings with prospective clients and with our present and former clients. Our office is located in the 380 Knollwood Office Complex, which also houses the corporate offices of Bank of America and the corporate headquarters for Krispy Kreme. Our location is centrally located just outside of downtown Winston Salem, at the intersection of the Salem Parkway (a/k/a Business 40) and Knollwood Street.

Our Winston Salem location commonly serves clients from surrounding areas including Kernersville, Lexington, Thomasville, Dobson, Mount Airy, Mocksville, Statesville, Clemmons and Advance. For any client who cannot visit us in the office, we have two former North Carolina State Troopers who handle investigations and who are also glad to meet with our clients at their home or workplace if this helps to get their cases started. Personal injury clients from locations a bit farther away, such as Boone or Statesville, often choose to have us visit them rather than drive to Winston Salem. We also offer free telephone consultations, and can accommodate Zoom meetings for clients who prefer virtual face-to-face conversations.


Winston Salem Personal Injury Attorney

Winston Salem is the 5th largest city in North Carolina, and is the site of many dangerous roadway accidents. Our law firm began as a single-office, Winston Salem personal injury law firm. Although we grew to a statewide firm, we have thrived in Winston Salem and helped many residents overcome the injuries and financial losses arising from local area roadway accidents.

There are several stretches of dangerous roadways here in Winston Salem. In recent years, Business 40 was completely rebuilt and renamed the Salem Parkway. This was the original stretch of Interstate 40 that proceeds directly through the heart of downtown. Our “Hawthorn Curve” was straightened during the reconstruction, and before the rebuild this was the most dangerous stretch of roadway in Forsyth County. The curve was the location of many tractor trailer and commercial vehicle accidents, largely because the speed was reduced but drivers tended to maintain their speed at or above 55 mph when they reached the sharp curve in the freeway. Rollover and multiple-vehicle crashes were common and, because the highway was two lanes with walls on the inside and outside shoulders, collisions resulted in total stop of all traffic, often resulting in subsequent collisions behind the traffic blockage. Silas Creek Parkway, Interstate 52, Highway 311 and Interstate 40 in and around Winston Salem are the other most dangerous stretches of road for Winston Salem drivers.


  • Winston Salem Car Accidents – With our high population and moderate traffic volume, car accidents are quite common in Forsyth County and surrounding areas.  We only handle roadway collision cases, and have the resources needed to promptly investigate your accident, collect and preserve crash evidence, and protect and enforce your legal rights.
  • Winston Salem Truck Accidents – Our firm focuses on commercial vehicle accident litigation, and we have experienced great success pursuing claims against careless truck drivers, negligent trucking companies, and the commercial insurance carriers who always seek to minimize victims’ claims.
  • Winston Salem Uber-Lyft Accidents – Rideshare accidents are complex because they involve layers of insurance coverage, and insurance policies that typically are not listed on the Police Report.  These cases involve high coverage limits and, because our firm only handles serious injury cases arising from roadway accidents, we bring extensive medical knowledge and legal leverage to maximize the value of every rideshare injury case.  
  • Winston Salem Motorcycle Accidents – Carl Nagle is a fellow rider, and he is personally involved in every motorcycle accident injury case.  The areas outside of Winston Salem have truly beautiful rural roadways, and many motorcyclists enjoy riding in our area.  Unfortunately, motorcyclists have little protection when crashes occur, and we always make sure to prove all damages and collect maximum compensation in every motorcycle accident case.
  • Winston Salem Pedestrian Accidents – With our downtown area being a high density pedestrian traffic zone, and with areas like the Wake Forest University campus, Old Salem and the Salem College Campus, we see numerous pedestrian accidents in our area.  Pedestrians can often collect from the at-fault driver, and also from car insurance policies in their household.  We help injured pedestrians to avoid insurance company efforts to blame the pedestrian, and we also help to identify and access all available insurance funds.
  • Winston Salem Bicycle Accidents – Bicycle riding clubs, independent riders, and riders who use bicycles to commute are commonly riding throughout Forsyth County.  Unfortunately, many drivers either don’t watch for bicyclists, or they seem to refuse to fully share the roadway.  


Even if you prefer not to hire an attorney, you should secure a free consultation so you understand how to avoid the typical tactics that insurance claims adjusters use to either avoid paying injury claims, or to minimize what they pay to personal injury claimants. Our firm offers immediate free consultations and we can typically provide helpful advice and guidance with a phone call. If you or a loved one was involved in a local roadway accident, please call and give us the opportunity to advise and assist you.