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North Carolina Tire Blowout Accident Attorney

Dedicated North Carolina Attorney for Truck Crash Victims

Tire blowouts occur when a tire bursts or suddenly ruptures. There are many possible causes of a tire blowout, including low tire pressure, an overinflated tire, a manufacturing defect, or an aged tire. Accidents caused by tire blowouts and loss of control over a truck often result in very serious injuries to victims. However, vital legal issues also arise in these cases because the truck driver will seek to defend all claims and avoid victims’ claims by arguing that the tire blowout was a “sudden emergency” that was not expected nor caused by any identifiable party. If you have been injured in a tire blowout accident, speak with the North Carolina tire blowout accident attorneys at Nagle & Associates, P.A. today by calling (800) 411-1583.

Attorney Carl Nagle has defended truck drivers and trucking companies, and he knows that the insurance carriers in these large-loss cases always look for a way to avoid payment of victims’ claims. In cases involving tire failure, it is critical to immediately inspect the truck and all tires, including the damaged tire, to identify the reason for the blowout. Victims of NC truck accidents have the legal burden to prove that the truck driver made an identifiable mistake which caused the subject collision. With proper evidence in hand, North Carolina truck accident lawyer Carl Nagle has helped victims seek compensation for harm caused by the negligence of commercial drivers and trucking companies. Victims in these cases can recover generous payment through private settlement including money for medical costs, lost wages from work, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages.

Since Carl Nagle formerly worked as an insurance defense attorney, he brings an inside understanding to his representation of accident victims. Our team has successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of truck accident victims and their families throughout the state.

Taking Legal Action After a Tire Blowout Accident

Tires suffer blowouts for a variety of reasons, many of which are preventable. A careful inspection of tires, as is required by federal law, may avoid a tire blowout, as may careful monitoring of tire pressure. Following an accident involving a truck, drivers may be liable if they failed to inspect the truck or chose to drive it with defective equipment. Additionally, a trucking company may be held legally responsible if they were negligent in their maintenance of the truck.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has set forth regulations that protect the safety of other drivers and passengers sharing public roads with trucks. Certain regulations address the importance of checking tire pressure and addressing tire issues. If a truck driver or trucking company violated regulations requiring them to check the wheels and tires of a truck, victims likely will be able to secure damages for their harm.

Tires that are incorrectly installed also may lead to disastrous accidents. Sellers that know of their defective tires may be held liable, as may manufacturers that create tires that are dangerous in design. When tires blow out, it is important to assess liability through all potential avenues, since multiple parties may be responsible for the eventual crash.

The types of compensation that may be recovered in a truck accident lawsuit include damages for economic, quantifiable costs. These include medical and hospital bills, expenses for property damage, and reimbursement for lost wages from work due to the injuries. As in other personal injury claims, it is imperative to prove the full extent of the harm that the victim suffered, including accounting for continuing medical care if necessary. Damages for non-economic forms of harm also may be sought. These may be more challenging to quantify, such as reduced quality of life, and retaining a knowledgeable attorney is important to ensure that the full scope of damages is established.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer in North Carolina to Assert Your Rights

The process of seeking compensation following an accident caused by a tractor trailer tire failure crash may be complicated, since trucking companies and their insurers will take steps to avoid blame and minimize payments to victims. North Carolina tire blowout accident lawyer Carl Nagle is dedicated to advocating for clients throughout each phase of the legal proceedings. Our goal is to settle your case privately, but we stand ready to bring your case through trial if this is necessary to secure maximum payment for all losses. Our team can investigate the collision to identify all causes of an accident, gather and preserve evidence, and demonstrate the full impact of the injuries on the victim’s quality of life. Since tire blowout accidents put others at serious risk of harm, negligent truckers, companies, and manufacturers should be held accountable. Tractor-trailer crash lawyer Carl Nagle has helped injured people throughout North Carolina, including in Wilmington, Winston-Salem, and Asheville. We can be reached by calling (800) 411-1583 or by using our online form to set up your free appointment.