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North Carolina CDL Licensing Requirements

North Carolina CDL Licensing Requirements

Irresponsible, unqualified truck drivers not only harm the reputation of the trucking industry, but they also pose serious dangers to others on the road. Commercial truck drivers are required by state and federal law to undergo extensive training, to study and master federal and state trucking regulations, and to pass stringent testing to obtain a Commercial Driving License (CDL). At Nagle & Associates, Raleigh truck accident lawyer Carl Nagle has seen the harm caused by poorly trained and unlicensed truck drivers. Due to the weight of big rigs and other commercial trucks, victims of these collisions are often left to endure the effects of catastrophic and permanent injuries.

Our offices represent these individuals and their families in their claims for compensation. Prior to founding Nagle & Associates, Mr. Nagle practiced law on the defense side, representing commercial insurers. He has defended careless truck drivers and their insurance carriers and, as a result of this experience, he understands the strategies used to try to minimize payouts to victims. Now, Mr. Nagle and the dedicated team at Nagle & Associates solely focus on helping injured people secure maximum compensation after an accident. Our Transportation Law Group is headed by Mr. Nagle, and we have extensive experience litigating truck collision cases against large national trucking companies. We stand ready to immediately provide the strategic advocacy and resources necessary to prove a driver or trucking company’s negligence. We have helped truck crash victims throughout North Carolina, including in Wilmington, Asheville, and Winston-Salem.

Understanding the Role of CDL Violations in a Big Rig Crash

Trucking companies are required to ensure that their drivers have met the state and federal requirements for operating a big rig. When a driver is not properly licensed, and the trucking company has not upheld their duty of complying with industry regulations,this may be a basis for liability in a personal injury claim.

In 1986, Congress passed the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act (CMVSA), addressing the devastating effects of having unqualified truck drivers on the road. The CMVSA prevents drivers from carrying more than one driver’s license. This rule was enacted to make it easier to remove high-risk drivers from the road, since some drivers were holding licenses from multiple states in order to avoid being tracked for traffic violations. The CMVSA also sets forth sanctions for drivers who violate traffic laws.

Following an accident, victims may pursue a personal injury claim, which alleges that the driver or the trucking company was careless or did not abide by required protocols. Trucking companies maintain representation through commercial insurance companies. These insurers typically aim to protect the trucking company’s reputation and bottom line. In other words, they will do what they can to minimize a victim’s claim. A skilled personal injury attorney can help a victim try to overcome any potential defenses and protect their right to full compensation.

When a victim asserts their legal right to compensation following an accident, they are seeking to recover money for their medical expenses, lost wages from work, property damage, and more subjective forms of harm like pain and suffering. If a trucking company employs drivers who have not met the CDL licensing requirements, they have failed to comply with federal trucking laws. The result is that they are putting others at risk of harm that is preventable. Trucking companies may be found at fault and should be held legally responsible for injuries caused to victims in these circumstances.

Discuss Your Truck Accident Case with a Raleigh Lawyer

For over 20 years, Raleigh truck accident attorney Carl Nagle’s passion for victims’ rights has been reflected in his successful recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for people throughout North Carolina. Mr. Nagle seeks to ensure that trucking companies are held legally responsible when their carelessness in hiring or enforcing licensing requirements causes harm to others on the road. By enlisting tractor-trailer crash lawyer Carl Nagle and our team, you are securing diligent, compassionate representation. Contact our offices online or call (800) 411-1538 for a free consultation. We have helped truck accident victims in Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, Hickory, Wilmington, Asheville, Winston-Salem, and other communities throughout Guilford, Wake, Forsyth, Mecklenburg, Brunswick, Durham, New Hanover, Catawba, and Cumberland Counties.