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North Carolina Truck Maintenance Attorney

North Carolina Truck Maintenance Attorney

A fully loaded semi tractor-trailer combination can weigh as much as 40 tone, or 80,000 pounds. As these big rigs are a constant presence on public roadways, numerous federal laws and regulations are in place to ensure that trucking companies properly maintain the vehicles in their fleet. Such laws are absolutely essential to public safety, as even the smallest malfunction with steering, brakes, lights, or tires can create devastating results. Unfortunately, many trucking companies place their bottom line above the safety of others and routinely fail to comply with truck maintenance laws. When improper maintenance, inspection, or repair is found to be the underlying cause of a truck accident, injured victims can file personal injury claims to hold negligent trucking companies responsible for their negligence and liable for the damages they cause.

With decades spent handling a variety of trucking accident personal injury claims, including cases with highly complex and challenging issues, Attorney Nagle and his team of North Carolina auto accident attorneys have refined their extensive knowledge of the many trucking laws set in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Not only can highlighting maintenance violations allow victims to recover their damages, but it also may allow them to recover an award for punitive damages, which are a form of compensation awarded when an at-fault party commits an act of intentional misconduct and / or gross negligence. In cases in which the trucking company or an independent owner-operator knowingly broke safety rules to save time or money, you might be eligible for payment of extra damages based not on the amount of your losses, but on the need to punish the defendant for its disregard for the safety of the general driving public. Securing such damages can maximize victims’ compensation.

Evidence of improper truck maintenance through trip inspection logs, maintenance records, and signs of excessive wear on brakes or tires can make the decisive difference in your case. At times, it may be possible to assume that the defendant skipped regular maintenance work because of a lack of repair records or maintenance logs, or because of an insurance provider’s eagerness to settle the case early. By collecting all the necessary information and evidence, the firm will have the foundation to advocate on your behalf and collect the full value of your damages and losses. Keep in mind, however, that trucking companies and their insurers work tirelessly to preserve their assets, minimize victim claims, and dispute these cases vigorously.

Gain the Advantage of an Insider’s Edge

As a former commercial insurance defense lawyer who was directly involved with the defense of trucking companies in serious accident cases, Attorney Carl Nagle has a nearly unsurpassed level of inside knowledge of the trucking and insurance industries. Since making the switch to representing injured victims more than 20 years ago, Attorney Nagle has become a proven advocate and has earned admission into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, an achievement held by less than 1% of all U.S. attorneys. His experience and insight, as well as the firm’s extensive resources and professional connections, have allowed the legal team to handle many trucking accident claims successfully throughout the years.

If you would like to learn more about your trucking accident personal injury claim, how improper truck maintenance and other potential causes may have played a role in your accident, and what Attorney Nagle and his team can do to help, then please request a free consultation. Find answers to your questions and feel at ease knowing that should you choose to work with the firm’s North Carolina auto accident lawyers, you will have the benefit of the insider’s edge. Contact Nagle & Associates today.