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North Carolina Haul Truck Accidents Attorney

North Carolina Haul Truck Accidents Attorney

Truck Accident In Wake County NCHaul trucks are large vehicles used off-highway for heavy-duty construction or mining. Drivers operating a haul truck receive specific training, with the goal of improving performance and productivity. Safety incidents, however, do occur, and they may lead to catastrophic injuries for all of the parties involved. When an injured individual is seeking to assert their legal right to compensation following a haul truck accident, Raleigh truck accident lawyer Carl Nagle can help. Before deciding to solely advocate on behalf of injured victims, he worked as an insurance defense attorney and an insurance claims adjuster. Understanding the strategies used by insurance companies has helped Mr. Nagle and the legal team at Nagle & Associates recover hundreds of millions of dollars of compensation for accident victims.

Bringing a personal injury case against a negligent haul truck driver and trucking company provides accident victims with an opportunity to hold at-fault parties accountable. Since the injuries sustained in a haul truck accident are sometimes life-threatening, victims and their loved ones may be entitled to generous compensation for their losses. Carl Nagle has successfully helped injured individuals following the tragic consequences of a truck accident in cities such as Wilmington, Asheville, and Winston-Salem.

Assert Your Right to Compensation After Suffering Injuries in a Haul Truck Accident

Drivers who operate haul trucks undergo operator-training programs that prepare them to engage with these sophisticated, multi-million dollar trucks. Often, haul trucks are used to move coal, copper, or iron ore. The scale of these trucks, when compared to passenger vehicles, is enormous, and when they are involved in a collision, devastating injuries and serious property damage typically ensue.

Haul trucks must undergo safety inspections before use,and the dangers posed by these large trucks include collisions, tipping, and back up accidents. Relying on foot workers helps a driver maintain a proper lookout, especially when these vehicles are backing up. To avoid collisions, a spotter may work with the driver and decrease the risk of injuries to others. Additionally, when unloading, these trucks must be on stable ground. A sudden change in weight might force the vehicle to tip.

Drivers operating a haul truck are engaged to work for their employer, typically meeting deadlines at construction and mining sites. When an accident takes place, victims may assert a legal claim against the driver and potentially their employer. For example, an employer is required to meet all of the safety standards for maintaining the haul truck and for safely moving materials. If the company chose to ignore a problem or missed an inspection, and this negligent conduct led to harm, the company may be at fault and responsible for damages.

Drivers may be found liable for negligent conduct if they failed to operate their haul truck as a reasonable driver would operate it. Fatigue or driving while under the influence are examples of careless and even reckless conduct that may be deemed negligent by a judge or jury.

A haul truck accident victim who has suffered injuries and damages will set forth these quantifiable costs after demonstrating liability. Since haul trucks are massive in size, accidents involving these vehicles may lead to a tragic death. Family members or representatives of the deceased person have the right to file a wrongful death claim to pursue compensation, with the goal of putting them in the place in which they would be had their loved one not been fatally injured.

File a Legal Claim with the Help of a Skilled Raleigh Attorney

An accident involving a haul truck involves such momentous weight that victims tend to suffer permanent and life-altering injuries. At Nagle & Associates, we make it our goal to recover maximum compensation for our clients, including the costs of medical care, lost wages, and damages that account for the emotional pain and suffering endured as a result of the accident. Since our firm charges a smaller legal fee than other personal injury law firms, we provide our clients with a larger financial recovery. To help alleviate the financial pressures that follow a truck accident, contact Raleigh lawyer Carl Nagle. We have seven offices throughout North Carolina and help victims and their families in Wilmington, Raleigh, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro, and other areas of Forsyth, Wake, Mecklenburg, Brunswick, Cumberland, Catawba, Durham, and New Hanover Counties. Call our office at (800) 411-1583 or contact us online to set up a free appointment with a tractor-trailer crash lawyer to begin the process of understanding and asserting your legal right to recovery.