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North Carolina Delivery Vehicle Accidents Attorney

North Carolina Delivery Vehicle Accidents Attorney

Delivery Truck In NCDelivery truck drivers are responsible for maneuvering their large vehicles safely, avoiding any conduct that may lead to foreseeable accidents. Unfortunately, collisions involving these commercial vehicles may result in serious injuries to other drivers, as well as pedestrians. At Nagle & Associates, Raleigh truck accident lawyer Carl Nagle aggressively advocates for victims of motor vehicle collisions. Our law firm exclusively practices in the area of catastrophic injury cases, and we maintain ongoing relationships with law enforcement, doctors and surgeons, and vocational rehabilitation experts.

Before founding Nagle & Associates, Mr. Nagle worked as an insurance claims adjuster and an insurance company attorney. During his years working within the insurance industry, he was retained to defend negligent truck drivers and trucking companies. As a result, he recognizes the tactics employed by truck insurance companies to minimize payments to victims, and he can carefully strategize to protect your rights and maximize compensation on your behalf. Our success is reflected in our recovery of over $290 million dollars for accident victims throughout North Carolina, including people in Asheville, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem.

Seeking Compensation Following a Delivery Vehicle Accident

Truck accidents have many potential causes, most notably carelessness on the part of the driver. Driving a commercial truck requires proper training, and both the driver and the company must adhere to strict federal guidelines regarding the inspection and maintenance of the truck, as well as mandated rest break periods for the driver. In addition to possibly violating the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (the body of law that governs truck drivers and trucking companies), a driver also may fail to exercise proper caution on the road, perhaps due to the pressure to meet strict delivery deadlines.

Delivery truck drivers may be held legally responsible for injuries caused by a failure to drive reasonably or to maintain a safe vehicle. Additionally, a trucking company may be found liable under a legal theory of vicarious liability or negligent hiring. An example might be when its failure to maintain a truck causes mechanical dangers to go undetected and results in injuries.

A delivery truck driver or the driver’s employer may attempt to claim that a victim contributed to an accident. In a personal injury lawsuit, if the defendant asserts the defense of contributory negligence, it may affect the outcome of the case. North Carolina precludes plaintiffs from recovering any compensation if they are deemed even minimally at fault for causing an accident. An example might be a delivery truck driver who claims that the victim was exceeding the speed limit at the time of the collision. If the jury or judge also concludes that the victim was partly at fault for the collision, the victim will have no right to recover compensation from the trucking company or the truck driver.

After demonstrating the liability of a defendant truck driver or truck company, victims usually can collect monetary damages. In truck accident cases, these claims are often significant for two reasons. First, trucks are much larger and heavier than private passenger autos and thus the injuries arising from truck accidents are typically quite serious. Second, truck drivers are insured under commercial insurance policies that carry much higher coverage limits. With ample funding available, victims in these cases are encouraged to carefully detail all past and future medical treatment needs, to prove the likely future effect of all injuries and physical limitations, to carefully document and prove all past and future lost earnings arising from injury-related physical disability, and to carefully prove and collect for all pain, suffering and lost quality-of-life. By securing proper medical evidence and all other economic and vocational evidence, and by presenting a strong threat of litigation and trial, attorneys are able to motivate significant settlement offers in these high-value injury cases.

Protect Your Rights by Enlisting a Truck Accident Lawyer in Raleigh or Beyond

Truck accident victims in North Carolina have a legal right to pursue compensation from truck drivers, their employers, and other responsible parties. Experienced Raleigh truck accident attorney Carl Nagle sets the goal of recovering maximum compensation for each client whom he serves. Insurance companies representing the driver and the truck company always focus on paying victims as little as possible. Mr. Nagle’s former experience working in the insurance industry strengthens his ability to achieve full and fair compensation for clients, including coverage for medical costs and all other financial burdens resulting from these catastrophic collisions. Our commitment to providing efficient and individualized services is mirrored in our legal fee, for which we charge a lower percentage of a victim’s recovery than other firms. Our legal fee is just 25% of any settlement, less than the 33.33% fee that most firms charge. Please call us at (800) 411-1583 or contact us online to discuss the details of your situation and to experience an immediate free consultation with an experienced NC truck accident attorney. Our North Carolina accident law firm has seven offices throughout the state, and we have helped residents of Raleigh, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Hickory, Charlotte, Greensboro, and other cities throughout Guilford, Wake, Durham, Mecklenburg, Catawba, and New Hanover Counties.