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About Our Fees

Our Reduced-No Risk Legal Fee

It is a mistake to handle a personal injury case without a lawyer.  Former insurance Claims Adjuster Carl Nagle knows that insurance companies always seek to minimize victim claim payments.  Lawyers know what the insurance companies truly owe, and we make them pay by presenting proper evidence and validating your threat of litigation.  We know how to highlight essential medical evidence to prove the true nature and extent of all injuries.   We know how to prove that injuries may be permanent, and how to collect money for future medical needs and for all future pain and suffering.

The Insurance Research Council compared personal injury settlements in cases handled by injury lawyers vs. cases handled by victims who dealt directly with insurance adjusters.  They found that crash victims who hired lawyers collected settlements that were approximately three and a half times (350%) the amount collected by victims who did not hire a lawyer.  Simply put, lawyers typically collect much more than you can collect on your own.  Thus, even with firms that charge 1/3 of settlement, the victim typically nets more cash money even after the legal fee is paid.  A huge additional benefit is that the lawyer gathers all medical records and bills, handles all insurance claim filings, and all of the legwork involved in presenting and resolving your case.  With a lawyer in your corner the injury-claim process is simple – you work with doctors to restore your health, and we handle everything else!

Our firm ONLY handles significant motor vehicle collision cases, and with our focus on complex, high-damage cases, founder Carl Nagle has long maintained the lowest legal fee in the North Carolina personal law arena.  Virtually all other personal injury firms charge 1/3 of settlement, and 40-44% of any money collected after a lawsuit is filed.    Our fee is 1/4 of settlement, leaving far more money to pay unpaid medical bills and to provide tax-free settlement money to the injury victim.  Why hire a firm that leaves your settlement share at 67% when we offer a fee that leaves 75% to cover your losses and suffering?  Our litigation fee of 1/3 is also lower than the 40-44% that other firms charge after filing a lawsuit with the courts.  Why pay more?  We stand ready to help you and proudly offer the lowest fee in the personal injury legal industry.

Not only do we work to maximize your total settlement, we also work hard to reduce or avoid outside claims against your settlement money.  For example, health insurance companies typically claim a large share of victims’ settlement funds.  We make them prove that they have this right, and often we learn that they cannot take funds from your settlement.  If they do have a valid claim, we always seek to negotiate reductions in health insurance liens and in unpaid medical charges.  Every penny we save goes directly into our clients’ pockets.  Our work doesn’t end until we have overturned every stone to maximize your net settlement payment.

Personal injury lawyers know how to prove fault and establish legal liability.  We know how to locate multiple insurance policies to expand the pool of funds available to pay your claims.  We know how to retain medical experts, vocational rehabilitation experts, crash reconstruction experts and others to prepare a winning case for trial.  And we know when to reject unfair offers and to stay in the fight until you are paid in full!

We offer free telephone consultations to all North Carolina crash victims.  Speak with our experienced insurance lawyers now to learn about your legal rights and options.  If you choose to hire us, there is no fee up front, and we charge no additional service fees if you prefer that we come to you to get the case started.  Also, our legal fee is pure contingency – there is no fee unless AND until we collect money for you.  Most cases settle with no need for public lawsuits or court involvement.  The main point is this – we make sure that the settlement is on your terms, not the discounted amount that the insurance company hopes to settle for.

25 Reasons to Choose Nagle & Associates, P.A.
  • 01 Intense focus

    Most law firms handle various legal matters. Our firm only handles personal injury claims arising from serious motor vehicle collisions. We have mastered the laws in this arena and we stand ready to protect your rights, to prove fault, and to collect maximum tax-free payment for your injury claims. 

  • 02 Lowest fee

    We only accept cases involving real injuries arising from serious accidents. Our focus on high-damage cases allows us to offer a lower legal fee on settlements and trial verdicts. Almost ALL other injury lawyers charge 1/3 of the personal injury settlement. If we accept your case, our fee is 1/4 of settlement. With Nagle & Associates, P.A.’s fairer fee, you keep 75% of every settlement dollar which is much more than the 66% share that most firms allow.

  • 03 No hidden costs

    On top of their 1/3 legal fee, most personal injury firms also charge case administration costs including postage, copy costs, administrative fees, and fees to outside vendors to gather medical bills and records. Our lower 1/4 fee INCLUDES all case administration costs.

  • 04 We Advance Litigation Costs

    Attorneys in North Carolina do not fund litigation. Most cases settle, which leaves outside case costs near zero. If a trial occurs, expenses like the filing fee, court reporting fees, and expert witness fees are paid by the crash victim. Some firms ask for filing fees and other expenses to be paid up-front by the client. We advance all fees necessary to prepare a winning case for trial. While these costs do come from the client’s portion of the trial verdict, we advance the money interest free to cover all necessary investment in your successful fight for fair compensation.

  • 05 Reduced Trial Fee

    Our legal fee in cases requiring court involvement is also lower than the share charged by other personal injury lawyers. If the insurance company refuses to pay you fairly, we file suit against all responsible parties and bring your case through trial. Most firms charge 40-44% of your injury claim proceeds if suit must be filed. Our fee in litigation is 1/3, leaving a much larger share of your personal injury payment in your hands at the end of your case.

  • 06 Unparalleled Experience

    Carl Nagle has extensive experience on both sides of these cases. His legal team now only represents accident victims and their families throughout North Carolina. Before dedicating his service solely to crash victims, Carl Nagle worked as an insurance claims adjuster for several years in Atlanta. After graduating with top honors from the University of Georgia school of law, Carl worked as an insurance defense attorney. His direct experience representing at-fault drivers and insurance companies helps him to anticipate and avoid insurance defense tactics, and to motivate insurance companies to pay top-dollar settlements in every case.

  • 07 Free Legal Consultation NOW

    Your legal answers are one phone call away. Invest a few minutes to call us now - we stand ready to provide an immediate FREE legal consultation by telephone. We have injury trial lawyers and four fully licensed North Carolina claims adjusters available to help you. We will provide detailed legal advice and guidance by telephone immediately in most cases, and for all callers within 24 hours. Even if you prefer not to hire an attorney, you should NOT take your legal advice from the adjuster who is paid to oppose your claims. Call us now and we will provide your best plan of action on all property damage claims, on how to deal safely with insurance adjusters, on how to pay for all necessary medical care, and on how to collect maximum tax-free payment for all personal injury claims.

  • 08 Free Help With Car Damage & Property Loss Claims

    Many personal injury law firms simply refuse to assist their clients with property damage claims. Our firm handles your claims for car rental, car repairs, total loss claims, and other personal property loss claims for free. We provide this service to our clients with no fees or charges. 

  • 09 Super-Easy Engagement Process

    If you decide to hire our law firm, your signature is all we need. We charge no up-front fees or costs. Also, if a visit to one of our seven offices is currently inconvenient, we have investigators on staff who will visit you at your home, workplace, or wherever you choose to get your case started. There is no cost for this home visit. If you prefer, we can also begin your case by exchanged mail.

  • 10 Local service

    We have seven officers across North Carolina, and likely one very close to you. However, if you live in a remote area or an office visit is inconvenient, we charge nothing to meet with you at your home. Almost everything can be accomplished by phone or mail. Also, most cases settle and result in payment with no court involvement, and this process can be handled without leaving your home. If your case has to be tried before a jury, we do this in your home county. 

  • 11 Concierge Level Service

    A highly experienced personal injury paralegal will be assigned to manage your case, and to communicate with you and your lawyer during your recovery and throughout the injury claim process. When medical care is concluded, the paralegal and your attorney will be your sole contact. Help and answers are always a phone call away, and you will ALWAYS receive close, friendly and compassionate service from our team.

  • 12 Medical Expertise

    Our firm is constantly working on cases involving severe and catastrophic injuries. If your injuries involve lacerations, sutures, fractures, surgery, brain injury, bone and joint injury, internal injury or other lasting injuries, you should ONLY consider law firms that frequently handle these types of cases. We fully understand complex medical issues and we have worked with the best surgeons and medical specialists in North Carolina and throughout the country. You only have one opportunity to collect money for past and future medical costs and pain and suffering. We have collected over $500 million for North Carolina crash victims, including a high number of multi-million dollar settlements. Our in-depth medical experience equips us to tell your story, to show how your injuries impact health and quality of life, and to collect maximum payment on all injury claims.

  • 13 Leverage by Reputation

    Insurance companies know who we are! Our reputation for fighting disputed cases in Court motivates insurance companies to extend the highest settlement offers in every case. If they don’t pay our clients fairly, we file suit and bring them to Court. When this happens, the insurance company now has to pay you PLUS they also have to hire and pay a lawyer to defend the at fault driver PLUS they must pay you pre-judgment interest on top of your trial winnings PLUS the judge sometimes makes them pay your litigation costs after the trial. Our involvement validates your threat of suit, and motivates insurance companies to pay you top-dollar to settle your injury case privately, without Court involvement.

  • 14 Professional Outreach

    We do not advertise on television, radio or billboards. Frankly, some jurors don’t like the unprofessional tone of these advertisements. With Nagle & Associates, there is no risk that any of your 12 jurors will associate your case with a high-volume advertising law firm.

  • 15 We Have Mastered The Law of Damages

    Crash victims can collect money for past and future medical-care costs, for past and future lost wages and lost earning ability, and additional cash payment for past and future pain and suffering.  We assemble medical & financial evidence following the complex guidelines of NC damage laws to ensure that we collect every penny you are entitled to.

  • 16 No Fee UNLESS AND UNTIL You Get Paid

    Your fee is pure contingency. If we are unable to collect money from the other side, we charge NO legal fees whatsoever.

  • 17 Injury Lawyers Pay For Themselves

    Lawyers collect more for injury claims in almost every case. Typically, good lawyers increase settlement offers enough to cover their 1/3 fee and STILL LEAVE THE CLIENT WITH MORE NET MONEY THAN THEY COULD COLLECT HANDLING THEIR CLAIMS DIRECTLY. We seek to vastly increase the money you receive after legal fees are paid, and our 1/4 fee further increases your net share of the tax-free injury settlement.

  • 18 We Find Hidden Coverage

    Mr. Nagle’s insurance industry experience enables him to locate multiple insurance policies and multiple layers of coverage to increase available money sources to fund all injury claims. We look for umbrella policies, excess liability policies, business liability policies for commercial vehicles, underinsured motorist coverage on all victim household policies, and other payment sources for every client. We leave no stone unturned as we work to collect maximum payment in every case.

  • 19 Early Investigation Protects Payment Rights

    Under North Carolina law, if a crash victim contributes slightly to causing her own accident/injuries, she has NO right to payment for car damage or injury claims. If the insurance company can place just 1% of fault with you, they owe you nothing! Insurance companies start by investigating the crash looking ONLY for reasons to deny valid claims. Hire us immediately and we will investigate the crash FOR YOU, gather and preserve all evidence to prove your innocence, and to prove fault against all at-fault drivers and other parties who contributed to causing your injuries.

  • 20 We Reduce All Claims Against Settlement Funds

    Even after a settlement is reached, we continue to work to increase the amount of money you receive when the case is closed. By negotiating reductions in unpaid medical bills and on health insurance reimbursement liens, we increase your end-of-case payment.

  • 21 No Fee On Medical Payments Claims

    Crash victims often have a right to collect MedPay benefits. We charge no fee to file for these benefits, and we also coordinate use of med pay benefits to maximize your settlement proceeds.

  • 22 We Handle Your Legwork

    Insurance companies task accident victims constantly, making you sign medical authorizations granting them access to your medical history, and making you gather and produce all of your medical records and bills. Once you hire us, the insurance company cannot contact you by mail, phone or in person. From the date we become involved, we handle all paperwork and legwork for you. As soon as we are involved, your only job is to work with doctors to recover from your injuries - we will handle everything else!

  • 23 We Identify All Responsible Parties

    In many cases, more than one party owes for injury claims. For example, Police Reports do not indicate whether a driver was employed by Uber or some other outside employer. We find out if the at-fault driver is employed and, if so, we collect from the employer as well. Also, sometimes a product failure contributes to the victim’s injuries. For example, an air-bag failure may cause additional injury. In these cases, we collect from the product manufacturer as well as from the at-fault driver. Similarly, if a restaurant or bar serves too much alcohol to a drunk driver, we work to collect from the drunk driver and the bar owners. Identifying all responsible parties is essential in the effort to collect full payment for catastrophic injury victims.

  • 24 Federal Court Qualified

    We practice trial law in both state and federal courts. Our experience in tractor trailer and trucking cases places us in federal court frequently. Our legal team stands ready to prosecute your claims in federal court whenever necessary - and our reduced fee structure remains the same.

  • 25 One Call Handles Everything

    Whether you simply need answers and a free consultation or you decide to retain us to handle all problems arising from your accident, ONE PHONE CALL BEGINS THIS EASY PROCESS. Please call now and give us the opportunity to educate you, to explain how to avoid insurance traps and pitfalls, and to explain how we can immediately help you solve all problems arising from a motor vehicle accident.

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