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The Insider’s Edge

Former Claims Adjuster and Insurance Defense Lawyer on Your Side

When you are depending on a successful personal injury claim to recover the damages and expenses you sustained in a motor vehicle accident, you need to work with a firm that can deliver the highest quality representation possible. Aside from extensive experience and a consistent record of successful case results, Nagle & Associates, P.A. is further distinguished from other firms for the fact that Attorney Carl Nagle works each case with an insider’s edge. As a former insurance claims adjuster and former insurance defense lawyer, Attorney Nagle brings an unsurpassed level of insight to the firm’s auto accident practice. Not only has his experience enabled the firm’s legal team to better handle injured victims’ cases, it affords the highest degree of precision and effectiveness and has proven to be one of the primary driving forces behind Nagle & Associates’ ability to secure millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of clients.

Why does a background in the insurance industry matter?

Personal injury claims for motor vehicle accidents are handled by the at-fault party’s insurance provider. A claims adjuster assesses both property damage and the injuries sustained by victims, and then works with the provider to make settlement offers to cover an injured victim’s physical, emotional, and financial damages. While simple and straightforward in theory, this process is rife with complexities, pitfalls, and an outright lack of compassion. The simple fact is that no injured victim should be led to believe that insurance companies will automatically award them full and fair compensation. Insurance providers are, after all, in the business to collect premiums, not to make payouts. They all too often place their bottom line above the needs of victims and families.

As injured auto accident victims face high risks of being unfairly compensated, working with an experienced auto accident attorney is vital to securing a favorable resolution. By retaining an attorney from Nagle & Associates, you are hiring someone who intimately knows the ways in which insurance companies handle claims and attempt to minimize payments, and who knows the opposition’s play book before they execute any strategies.

The Firm’s Approach

Equipped with such extensive insight into the dealings of insurance companies and auto accident claims, Attorney Nagle enables the firm to take a proactive approach when handling cases. He is able to anticipate an insurance carrier’s tactics because he has seen them and used them personally. He is able to increase the chance of settlement and the settlement amount because he knows how to negate their defense from day one. As he always prepares cases with the foresight afforded by his insider’s edge, he is able to effectively protect clients’ best interests both at the settlement table and during trial.

A majority of auto accident personal injury claims settle before the trial phase because the momentum that Attorney Nagle maintains by always anticipating the opposition’s actions convinces insurance carriers that the firm is prepared for victory in any situation. If and when insurance companies still dispute claims or offer less than victims deserve, Attorney Nagle has no aversion to fighting back during trial. His approach to case preparation is infused with a wide breadth of knowledge of the insurance company’s perspective, and he and his legal team are always proactive in overcoming the delay tactics and defense strategies that insurance carriers employ.

Trust in the Experience & Insight of a Proven North Carolina Auto Accident Attorney

The case results and client testimonials that Nagle & Associates has accumulated throughout the years reflect how effective and essential Attorney Nagle’s experience and background truly are for victims and families in need. An indispensable hallmark of the firm’s practice, Attorney Nagle’s insider’s edge has proven to be precisely what makes the largest difference in ensuring that injured victims are not unfairly compensated and that their recovery is maximized to its full potential. Attorney Nagle and his legal team are confident that such a rare attribute can benefit local residents in need, and they offer free case evaluations to victims throughout the state so that they can learn more about the ways in which this insight and experience can be used to help them.

Since making the switch from working for insurance carriers to fighting against them, Attorney Nagle has dedicated the past 20 years of his professional career to representing injured victims and their loved ones. More rewarding than any position in the insurance industry, protecting the rights of victims is something that Attorney Nagle and each North Carolina auto accident lawyer at the firm is truly passionate about. If you would like to learn more about Attorney Nagle’s experience and how it can make the difference in the outcome of your claim, then please contact Nagle & Associates today.