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Uber Car In North CarolinaRide-sharing services, such as Uber, have transformed transportation based on the use of mobile devices to secure a car for hire. Customers who request a ride from nearby drivers through Uber’s mobile device receive rides within minutes, reaching their destination without the hassle that often accompanies a taxi. Throughout North Carolina, the increased ridership in companies such as Uber has also unfortunately led to more car accidents involving these vehicles.

Our law firm has handled several cases against Uber and Lyft drivers. If you or someone close to you has suffered injuries in an accident with an Uber driver, you should consult a car accident lawyer to discuss your options. Raleigh Uber accident attorney Carl Nagle and the team at Nagle & Associates understand how to pursue a favorable outcome in a legal claim against an Uber driver, as well as other entities that may be responsible for causing an accident. The unique challenges posed by an accident typically center on issues of insurance coverage and liability. Since Mr. Nagle formerly worked as an insurance claims adjuster and insurance defense attorney, he understands the gambits used by insurers to attempt to deny compensation to injured individuals. Our firm helps people throughout the state, including in Wilmington, Asheville, Winston-Salem, and Raleigh.

Victims May Recover Compensation for Injuries Suffered in an Uber Accident

Uber companies employ drivers who have not necessarily been trained in how to safely transport passengers. Additionally, Uber drivers are not necessarily required to submit their vehicles to inspection or testing, as are traditional cab owners. Of particular importance to car accident victims, Uber has liability and insurance coverage issues that are entirely unique.

Uber does not define itself as a transportation company or car service. Terminology matters, since as a “technology provider,” the company may be capable of placing more blame on drivers and avoiding its own liability. Uber maintains insurance that applies to a driver with active passengers through the service, but this insurance is often secondary to a driver’s personal insurance policy. Unfortunately, this becomes complicated by the fact that the standard North Carolina personal auto policy EXCLUDES liability coverage when the insured driver uses the vehicle to carry people for a fee. Simply put, an Uber driver is not covered by their own car insurance policy. While it is a slow process to get the claim properly set up and ready for payment, the good news is that Uber and Lyft both have large insurance policies that cover their drivers if they cause an accident during a paid journey.

Because Uber’s insurance policy carries high limits, they employ highly experienced and skilled claims adjuster to defend victims’ claims. Former insurance claims adjuster Carl Nagle knows how these cases are defended, and he stands ready to present your claims in a way that cannot be minimized or ignored. Further, by adding Uber, Lyft or any other employer who hires professional driver, we enhance case value both in settlement or in a trial setting. The reason is that jurors typically are more generous if they see a large corporate defendant facing a claim for collision-related injuries. While they may hesitate to grant a large verdict against a private driver, they know that Uber put their driver on the road to make a profit, and they also know that Uber can afford to pay the full value of a victim’s claims for past and future medical care, lost income and lost quality of life.

Victims should also be aware that in North Carolina, if the victim is slightly at fault for causing their own accident, they have no payment rights. This defense is called “contributory negligence” and large companies like Uber and Lyft will always work to avoid payment if they can place some blame on the accident victim. An Uber accident lawyer can help Raleigh residents and other victims in North Carolina seek to overcome the defense of contributory negligence when needed. Nagle & Associates only handles motor vehicle collision cases, and we can begin working today to gather and protect crash-scene evidence, build evidence to prove fault and legal liability, and to overcome the defense of contributory negligence. We are paid only at the end of the case, and only if we succeed collecting money through settlement or trial. We also take over all communications with Uber and their insurance carriers to ensure that your rights are protected and enforced from day one.

Our firm takes great pride in our extensive medical experience. We have dealt with the very best trauma surgeons and physicians throughout North Carolina, and we understand how to collect, interpret and build the medical evidence in severe injury cases. Relying on medical evidence to prove the extent of a victim’s injuries is critical to the goal of collecting maximum payment for past and future medical needs, and additional cash payment for pain, suffering, lost mobility, lost physical function and reduced quality of life.

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At Nagle & Associates, our team of dedicated professionals can effectively assert your right to recover compensation following any North Carolina vehicle accident caused by for-hire drivers who work for Uber, Lyft or other pay-for-ride drive services. We offer a lower legal fee than most other personal injury law firms, and we collect a legal fee only if and when we recover money on behalf of our clients. Since our firm only represents injured individuals, we understand the importance of financial stability for a victim and their family. Raleigh Uber accident lawyer Carl Nagle maintains seven offices across the state, assisting people in Winston-Salem, Asheville, Raleigh, Wilmington, Greensboro, Hickory, Charlotte, and other communities in Forsyth, Mecklenburg, Wake, Durham, Guilford, Catawba, Cumberland, and New Hanover Counties. Reach us online or by phone at (800) 411-1583 to discuss your situation with a motor vehicle collision attorney.