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Proper Medical Care & Your Injury Claim

Regardless of how you are able to fund medical care, please understand that it is vitally important to your health and to your legal case that you secure complete medical care. Accident victims who do not seek medical care will not be paid for their injuries and suffering. When adjusters consider how much to pay for pain and suffering, they always look at the dollar value of your medical bills, at the nature of your medical treatment, and at all of the medical records that document your symptoms and your course of treatment. Your medical treatment will be the focus of the personal injury case. Thus, the steps you take to recover your health under doctors’ care will also generate proper medical records and evidence of the full extent of all injuries. This evidence will motivate a fairer and more generous settlement in your injury case.

Report All Symptoms to Your Doctors

It is imperative that you report every slight symptom and problem to your doctors as early as possible following a collision. Insurance adjusters who evaluate and pay injury claims always question and challenge these cases. If there is a significant delay in reporting an injury, insurance adjusters typically deny these claims by arguing that the injury or condition was not caused by the accident.

If you have a significant primary injury and fail to report less serious injuries until a later date, adjusters commonly question whether these secondary injuries were caused by your accident. If they deny voluntary payment, this forces you to file a lawsuit and conduct a jury trial to collect fair payment for your injuries. If you report all symptoms, including secondary difficulties, such as sleep loss or emotional difficulties, this will allow your doctors to understand the full impact of the collision-related injuries on your overall health and quality of life. Reporting all symptoms will also help doctors to properly diagnose and treat your injuries.

While your legal claims are less important than your personal health, your diligent effort to report all symptoms and secure thorough medical treatment will generate proper and thorough medical evidence. This documentation will allow you or your attorneys to secure a generous settlement or verdict, which provides proper compensation for all of the injuries and difficulties the collision caused in your life.