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North Carolina Tire Defects Accident Attorneys

Car Drivers In North CarolinaAuto defects, whether they are seat belt or air bag defects or other defective auto parts, are responsible for many car accidents. Certain defective auto products, however, can pose heightened risks to drivers and others on public roads and highways. Tire defects are one of the most common examples of the auto defects that can cause serious auto accidents, catastrophic injuries, and even wrongful death. When defective tires blow out while a vehicle is moving, motorists can quickly lose control of their vehicle, crash, and potentially injure themselves or others around them. If you have reason to believe that a tire defect caused or play a contributing role in your car accident, then you should turn to the North Carolina auto accident lawyers at Nagle & Associates, P.A. for the representation and support you need.

Product liability law is a legal area that establishes the duties of all manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who make consumer products available to the public. When tires are improperly designed or manufactured, victims injured as a result of these defects have the legal right to pursue monetary compensation for the damages they suffered. At Nagle & Associates, the firm’s legal team has spent years building strong relationships with industry professionals and other specialists who can assist them in securing the evidence needed to hold tire manufacturers liable for putting consumers in danger.

By highlighting the fact that a safer design was feasible at the time of manufacturing, by demonstrating that poor quality materials were used, or by proving that manufacturing errors were committed, Attorney Nagle and his legal team will have sufficient evidence to hold responsible entities accountable for their negligence. As auto part manufacturers have extensive resources and legal teams to protect themselves against such claims, tire defect cases can become a challenge. Proven legal minds who work each case as if it were going to trial, the firm’s lawyers know precisely how to build the momentum needed to secure a favorable settlement or, when necessary, to fight on behalf of clients during trial.

North Carolina Auto Accident Attorneys with Proven Trial Skills

Although each case is unique and while trial may not always be necessary, Nagle & Associates builds cases with an eye toward preparing for success at trial. With Attorney Nagle’s background as a former claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer, he is able to prepare cases with full knowledge of the insurance carrier’s and manufacturer’s perspectives. Such knowledge enables the legal team to take a proactive approach in overcoming delay tactics, defense strategies, and the ways in which these powerful auto part companies attempt to minimize victim claims. Skilled, experienced, and prepared for whatever your case may bring, the firm’s legal team also delivers unmatched personal attention and support at each stage of your legal journey. Request a free case evaluation to learn more about your personal case or contact Nagle & Associates to discuss your needs with a proven North Carolina auto accident lawyer. Contact us today.