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North Carolina Steering Failure Accident Attorneys

North Carolina Steering Failure Accident & Auto Defect Attorneys

Steering Wheel FailureImagine driving your vehicle, when suddenly you find that you are unable to steer properly. Perhaps the vehicle is completely nonresponsive, or maybe steering is partially compromised and you cannot maneuver your vehicle with accuracy. This frightening scenario has happened in the past and continues to occur, in spite of the best efforts of regulatory agencies and consumer protection groups. Poorly designed motor vehicles or those with manufacturing defects can cause serious collisions that leave innocent consumers severely injured.

If you were involved in an auto accident and you believe a faulty steering system may have been to blame, it is important to consider your rights and options. The auto manufacturer or possibly another company may be held accountable for a defective or dangerous vehicle part, but you will need to take the proper steps to make this happen. It starts with involving a North Carolina auto accident lawyer at Nagle & Associates, P.A. The firm represents victims of traffic accidents across the state and takes on complex auto product liability cases, which involve defective or poorly designed vehicle parts.

The Dangers of Steering System Failure

The steering system is one of the most important components of an automobile. It must be in proper working order if a driver is to be able to safely maneuver a vehicle, and if it fails suddenly while a vehicle is in motion this could cause a catastrophic collision. A steering system may fail if one of its parts breaks or was improperly designed or manufactured in the first place, such as ball joints, tie rods, power steering fluid lines or steering linkages. Potential examples follow:

  • The wheel may suddenly lock in place, making it impossible to turn in any direction.
  • The wheel may turn and yet the steering may be completely unresponsive.
  • The wheel may feel “loose” and may turn slightly before the vehicle responds.
  • The power steering may suddenly fail, making it difficult to maneuver the vehicle.

A partial or complete loss of steering will mean that a driver will be unable to safely turn the vehicle. If this happens to you while on the road, it is important to immediately turn on your hazard lights and honk your hornto inform other drivers that you are having car trouble. Depending on where this occurs, try to reduce your speed gradually and, if you have any control over the steering, pull over to the side of the road. Do not slam on your brakes, as this could send your vehicle into a dangerous skid. You may need to call 911 for assistance if you are in a busy area and cannot steer your vehicle.

Help for Car Accident Victims in North Carolina

Auto defect cases, such as those pertaining to steering systems, can be difficult to prove. These are highly technical matters that require insight from the brightest minds in automobile design and manufacturing, to prove that the part was defective and show how it caused the collision. If design is an issue, it may even be necessary to create a design of what the component should have looked like. If a manufacturing defect was to blame, this flaw will need to be brought to light in terms that the judge and jury can understand.

The firm works regularly with experts in engineering, automobile design, manufacturing, medicine, economics and other pertinent fields to build the most compelling case on behalf of each client. If you would like to discuss what role steering system failure may have played in your accident – and what you can do to hold any at-fault parties accountable – contact a North Carolina auto defect attorney.