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North Carolina Left Turn Collisions Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accident In North CarolinaMotorcycle accidents may lead to serious injuries for riders, and in most cases, they are caused by careless drivers who simply do not keep a proper lookout for motorcycles that share the roadway. At Nagle & Associates, Raleigh motorcycle accident lawyer and motorcycle enthusiast Carl Nagle assists victims throughout the state of North Carolina as they assert their right to compensation for injuries caused by negligent motorists. Our firm only handles roadway accident cases, and fellow rider Carl Nagle is personally involved in every motorcycle accident case accepted by our law firm. Contact left turn collisions accident attorney.

A left turn collision is the single most common type of crash for NC motorcyclists. Drivers either fail to look or they mistake an approaching motorcycle for a car that is farther away. Drivers who turn left either from a driveway or side-street or from opposing traffic lanes have a statutory duty to yield to oncoming traffic. Because these collisions involve cars/truck and motorcycles in motion, the injuries that arise from failure to yield motorcycle/auto collisions are typically very serious. If you or a loved one has been struck by a careless driver in this situation, you should immediately secure all evidence necessary to ensure that you collect maximum payment through a personal injury claim against at-fault drivers and their insurance carriers. At Nagle & Associates, our case development skills are enhanced by Carl Nagle’s former work experience as an insurance defense attorney and insurance claims adjuster. Since our form solely practices in the area of motor vehicle collision law, we have extensive experience fighting for the rights of accident victims like you, including motorcycle riders in Asheville, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem.

Hold a Driver Liable for a Careless Left Turn Collision

North Carolina law provides that when another person’s negligence causes you harm, that person may be compelled to pay for all financial and physical harm caused by their driver errors. Negligence is defined as failure to exercise reasonable care, and this is the basis of a personal injury claim for money damages. Proving negligence requires showing careless conduct by the defendant that directly caused the victim’s injuries. In the situation of a left turn collision underlying a personal injury claim, reasonable care under North Carolina law requires the driver who turns into or across traffic lanes must maintain a careful lookout be absolutely certain that the turn can be made without interfering with the flow of other traffic. In most failure to yield/left-turn cases, the most obvious defendant would be the driver who struck the motorcyclist. Other parties might also be called in to pay the victim’s claims, such as the driver’s employer if the accident happened while the driver was on the job.

A left turn accident often leads to severe or disabling injuries for a motorcyclist since, by nature, they are in a more dangerous position than someone riding inside a car or truck. Motorcycle riders are completely exposed atop a motorcycle, while drivers and passengers in cars have many structural safeguards encasing them. When a driver turns left in front of a motorcyclist and cuts them off, the motorcyclist may lose control of their motorcycle or collide with the car.

By law, drivers turning left are required to yield until it is possible to safely turn. Unfortunately, some drivers may try to cut off motorcyclists or fail to take their presence into account at an intersection. Some situations when this may happen include when a motorist is speeding, distracted, or driving under the influence of alcohol. If the remaining elements of a negligence claim are satisfied, the injured plaintiff likely will be able to recover compensation from the defendant driver or the driver’s insurer.

North Carolina law incorporates a pure contributory negligence rule. Unlike the comparative negligence system used in most states, this doctrine does not provide for any compensation when a plaintiff was even minimally responsible for causing the accident. Insurance companies always try to place some blame on the motorcycle rider, and in left turn cases they try to show that the rider was speeding as he/she approached the point of impact. Never admit to speeding, and avoid early discussions with insurance adjusters who are being paid to oppose and minimize your injury claims. Since just 1% of fault on the motorcycle rider destroys your case and bars your payment rights, is if vitally important to eliminate all allegations of fault on the part of the injured rider.

Motorcycle accident victims can potentially recover both economic and noneconomic damages from a defendant driver. These include payments for medical bills, including future costs when injuries are lasting or permanent. If the injuries prevent the victim from working until retirement, the plaintiff may be able to collect compensation for future lost income and potential early retirement. Medical evidence presented by doctors as well as specialists working in the vocational rehabilitation field may help show the future impact of the victim’s injuries.

Discuss Your Motorcycle Accident Case with a Raleigh Lawyer

Carl Nagle brings his personal motorcycle riding experience and his insurance industry experience into every motorcycle injury case. At Nagle & Associates, we regularly guide injured motorcycle riders through the process of bringing a successful claim against all negligent drivers. With seven statewide offices, Raleigh motorcycle accident attorney Carl Nagle represents victims in many communities across North Carolina, including Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Asheville, Greensboro, Charlotte, Hickory, and other areas of Durham, Guilford, Catawba, Wake, Forsyth, Mecklenburg, and New Hanover Counties. We offer reduced legal fees compared to other law firms, requesting only a 25% fee of any settlement amount recovered. We can be contacted by phoning (800) 411-1583 or by using our online form to schedule a free consultation with a motor vehicle collision attorney.