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North Carolina Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

North Carolina Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

Injuries Due To Motorcycle AccidentMotorcycle riders face significant dangers on the road, including potentially catastrophic injuries upon colliding with another vehicle. At Nagle & Associates, Raleigh motorcycle accident attorney Carl Nagle brings decades of experience to his North Carolina personal injury practice and his representation of motorcycle accident victims. A fellow motorcycle enthusiast, he helps injured motorcycle riders to vigorously assert their right to compensation from those who struck them. We bring insider experience to our legal guidance and advocacy, since Mr. Nagle formerly worked as an insurance defense attorney and insurance claims adjuster. Our advocacy and skilled negotiation on behalf of our injured clients has helped to recover over $290 million in compensation for victims and their families throughout North Carolina, including in Wilmington, Winston-Salem, and Asheville.

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists face particular hazards due to the smaller size of their vehicles, their exposure to the elements, and the instability created by riding on two wheels rather than four. Many motorcycle collisions result from the discrepancy in size between motorcycles and cars. Drivers unfortunately often fail to see approaching motorcyclists.

Motorcycle collision injuries can be life-threatening, and internal damage may range from bleeding and bruising to torn organs. The most common injury suffered by riders is a head injury, which may involve a concussion and potentially brain damage. In these cases, it is important to secure neurological evaluation and treatment to minimize long-term cognitive impairment. Other common injuries include road rash, which can lead to infections, scarring and even nerve damage, as well as leg and muscle injuries.

Fractures are also quite common for bike accident victims. In all fracture cases, the victim should secure thorough treatment and surgical intervention when necessary from an orthopedic surgeon. After recuperative therapy is completed, steps must be taken to secure medical opinions showing the permanency of injury, the risk of arthritis and other complications that occur after the initial healing process is complete, and the costs and likely need for future medical treatment. This evidence is essential to secure the highest possible settlement for the fracture injury claim.

North Carolina law provides a method for injured people to recover compensation after being involved in a motor vehicle collision. In a motorcycle accident lawsuit, an injured rider would file a claim against the driver responsible for his or her injuries. The motorcyclist could seek to recover the costs arising from medical and hospital bills, lost wages from work, property damage to their motorcycle, and other items. In most cases, our threat of a lawsuit coupled with a thorough presentation of all essential medical evidence will motivate the insurance carriers for all responsible drivers to pay a fair settlement to the victim. If we can compel the insurance adjusters to pay a settlement that falls within the likely verdict range, the victim secures full payment through a private settlement without the need for court involvement.

Many motorcycle collision lawsuits proceed under a negligence theory of law. The plaintiff would show that the defendant driver owed them a duty of care, breached this duty, and caused their injuries and resulting harm. The causation element can prove potentially challenging, particularly if the defendant alleges that the motorcyclist was partly responsible for causing the accident.

Contributory negligence is a defense that a defendant may assert against a plaintiff in order to prevent them from recovering compensation. North Carolina’s strict pure contributory negligence law will bar an injured motorcyclist from receiving any compensation in a lawsuit if they are found to have even partial responsibility for the crash. Victims thus should enlist legal representation to fight back against any allegation that they may have been partly at fault, even to a very slight degree.

It is important to prove the full extent of the injuries suffered by victims of serious motor vehicle collisions. For example, following a motorcycle accident, it may be challenging to understand the impact of the victim’s internal injuries. Dangerous and debilitating organ damage may be initially undetected by emergency room physicians. A solid comprehension of common medical issues in motorcycle accident cases is a vital step in pursuing an appropriate settlement or award for a victim. Our attorneys work collaboratively with medical professionals and vocational experts to illustrate the full extent of the harm that our clients have suffered. This approach allows us to collect fair payment for all damages, including payment for FUTURE medical needs and for FUTURE pain and suffering.

Consult a Raleigh Attorney for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

At Nagle & Associates, we are committed to understanding and proving the true extent of your injuries, and we make it our mission to aggressively pursue the maximum amount of compensation on your behalf. Dedicated Raleigh motorcycle accident lawyer Carl Nagle provides personalized legal representation, tailored to the details of your situation. Carl is a fellow rider and he fully understands the handling and dynamics of motorcycles. Our firm only handles motor vehicle accident cases, and we have helped victims of motorcycle accidents in many North Carolina cities, including Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Asheville, Hickory, Greensboro, and other communities in Guilford, Durham, Catawba, Wake, Mecklenburg, Forsyth, and New Hanover Counties. At Nagle & Associates, we ask for only a 25% fee of any settlement that you obtain, which is a smaller amount than what most law firms charge. Call 800-411-1583 or use our online form to schedule a free consultation with a motor vehicle accident attorney.