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North Carolina Wrist Injury Accident Attorneys

Wrist Injuries From Car In NCThe impact and forces experienced when vehicles crash often result in strained muscles, damaged ligaments, and routinely cause the lower radius and ulna bones to break or splinter. Recovery often lasts many months and a return to normalcy may never be achieved. Long lasting pain from arthritis and immobility can affect you the rest of your life. In these cases, the responsible driver and their insurance carriers should pay you for all of the problems the wrist injury might cause over the remainder of your life.

It is instinctual for most drivers’to try and protect themselves and their passengers with their hands and arms when in a vehicle accident. Bracing for impact or gripping the wheel tightly leads to extreme forces being placed on your wrist causing serious damage to the bones, tendons, nerves and muscles of the hand, wrist and lower arm. Airbag deployment into the hand and wrist is another common mechanism of collision-related wrist injuries. Contact wrist injury accident attorneys.

Have you Injured or Experiencing Pain in your Wrist after Being Involved in an Auto Accident that was Caused by another Driver?

In all wrist injury cases, care should be taken to secure medical opinions concerning the permanency of injury, and the cost of any future medical care that you may need to control hand and wrist pain, or to surgically repair any fractures or internal damage. Proper medical evidence is critical in these cases, and we have a team of experts who are best qualified to document your likely future symptoms and future medical needs.

At Nagle and Associates, our attorneys understand the difficulties that injury victims often face after an accident. Injury to the wrist and hand can be terribly disabling, and can effect your health and your ability to earn income. As a former claims adjuster and former insurance defense attorney, Carl Nagle understands how insurance companies seek to avoid payment in serious wrist injury cases. We stand ready to apply this unique experience and knowledge to help you to collect maximum payment on all claims arising from your wrist/hand injuries.

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