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North Carolina Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney

Back Injuries AccidentThere are very few injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions that are more debilitating and life altering than those affecting the spinal cord. A moderate spinal cord injury can take months or years of physical therapy before the patient makes a full recovery. A more severe one can lead to paralysis, loss of bodily functions, and oftentimes even death. If you are the victim of a car, truck, or motorcycle crash, and you are experiencing the symptoms of a spinal cord injury, you need to contact a personal injury attorney with specific experience in these types of cases. At North Carolina’s Nagle & Associates, P.A., our team of top personal injury litigators have been successful in assisting hundreds of clients make full financial recoveries. We have built a solid reputation by negotiating substantial settlements and winning large jury awards for injury victims. Schedule an appointment at one of our North Carolina law offices.

Spinal Cord Litigation in the State of North Carolina

Many spinal cord injuries go undetected in the immediate hours or days after a car or truck accident. Weeks later, the victim may feel something as subtle as numbness or tingling in the extremities. Where more severe injuries occur, the accident victim may experience debilitating pain or even paralysis. Determining the full extent of your injuries is key to successfully pursuing your personal injury claim with the responsible insurance company. At Nagle and Associates, we are able to recommend North Carolina’s top neurological medical professionals to assist you in making a full recovery and to properly diagnose your injuries and symptoms for civil litigation. In addition, we retain the services of forensic experts and accident reconstruction specialists to help bolster the viability of your claim.

Reputable, Successful Personal Injury Lawyers for all of North Carolina

As a former defense lawyer for insurance companies, attorney Carl Nagle is familiar with the tactics that insurance company lawyers and adjusters use to minimize payouts to claimants. Because spinal cord injuries do require extensive medical treatment, surgeries, physical therapy, and medication, insurers will go to great lengths to disprove or dismiss the claim. Having a team of top personal injury litigation attorneys, doctors, and forensic witnesses in your corner is frequently what it takes to have a successful outcome. When you have been injuredin a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, your top priority is to make a full physical recovery. Ours is to recover compensation for your medical expenses and pain and suffering.

To schedule an appointment with one of North Carolina’s premier spinal cord injury damage recovery law offices, contact us at one of our several locations by calling (800) 411-1583. All initial consultations are free and our attorneys work on a competitive contingency basis.