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North Carolina Internal Injuries Accident Attorney

By focusing purely on car, truck, and motorcycle crash injuries, the personal injury attorneys of Nagle & Associates, P.A. have been able to assist numerous accident victims in recovering sizable settlements and jury awards from insurers and at fault parties. Among the many types of life-threatening injuries that an accident victim can potentially incur in a motor vehicle collision, internal organ damage is among the most dangerous and debilitating. Internal bleeding, bruising, and tears to organs can often go undetected by emergency room physicians until complications occur. Because of the complexities of internal medicine and their bearing on the resultant personal injury cases, it is essential to have a legal team on your side with extensive medical knowledge in the field of internal injury diagnosis and treatment. In the state of North Carolina, the statewide collision injury law firm of Nagle & Associates is your ideal choice. Personal injury attorney Carl Nagle has dealt with internal injury and surgical cases for accident victims, and for insurance companies. He has worked with the best trauma surgeons throughout the state, and he fully understands the medical issues that arise in cases involving heart injury, aortic trauma, pneumothorax (collapsed lung), rib fracture, kidney damage, liver damage, spleen lacerations, traumatic hernia, intestinal damage, and all other internal injuries arising from collision trauma. Contact one of our offices in Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Hickory, Wilmington, Asheville, Greensboro, or Charlotte to speak with a skilled North Carolina internal injury lawyer immediately.

Internal Injury Case Handling in the State of North Carolina

When it comes to pursuing money damages resulting from car, truck, or motorcycle accidents involving internal injuries, there is no standard approach. Each accident is unique, and the types of internal injuries that can result from a crash vary from person to person. The injuries sustained by a child, an elderly man, and a pregnant woman riding in the same vehicle at the time of a collision, for instance, can be very different. For this reason, it is essential that you hire a personal injury plaintiffs’ lawyer who has handled scores of personal injury cases involving a variety of different injuries. Throughout the years, the personal injury lawyers at Nagle & Associates have represented thousands of clients, many of whom had sustained some form of internal injury in their car, truck, or motorcycle crash.

At Nagle & Associates, our mission is to obtain full and appropriate settlements for our clients. For successful internal injury litigation, it is important that our legal team develops a complete picture of your case. That means determining the true extent of your injuries, the prognosis and timetable for your recovery, a calculation of lost wages, and the culpability of all other parties involved. Once we have determined an acceptable settlement figure—one that fully compensates you for your medical expenses, missed work, diminished physical capacity, and pain and suffering—we will then consider offers from the responsible insurer. If we are not able to force a settlement offer that pleases you, our attorneys are fully prepared to bring your case to trial in your home county.

Accident Personal Injury Attorneys in Raleigh, Charlotte and Winston-Salem for NC

With seven offices throughout the state of North Carolina, our personal injury lawyers can accommodate internal injury accident victims throughout the state. To discuss your motor vehicle collision related internal injuries with one of our top tier litigators, reach online or call (800) 411-1583.