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North Carolina Head and Brain Trauma Accident Attorney

At Nagle & Associates, P.A., Attorney Carl Nagle and his team of experienced North Carolina auto accident attorneys believe that proving the defendant’s liability in a motor vehicle accident is simply not enough. When representing victims with catastrophic injuries, the firm’s legal team understands the importance of presenting the extent of their damages in fully documented detail so that victims have the best possible chance of recovering the full amount of compensation required to recover from injuries. Head and brain injury cases can present significant challenges for damage assessment, but with the firm’s experience and numerous resources, you can increase your chances of collecting the compensation that justice requires.

While severe head trauma or a traumatic brain injury that result in permanent or long-term disability will usually be recognized as a catastrophic injury, mild or moderate traumatic brain injury can be misdiagnosed or missed altogether. Accident victims whose fractures and lacerations are treated in the emergency room might also have suffered concussions or trauma that was never diagnosed. Weeks or months later, headaches, personality change, memory loss, sleep disturbance, or other symptoms might develop and might be ignored. The lawyers at Nagle & Associates work closely with clients and their treating physicians to make sure that all aspects of their injuries are accurately identified, diagnosed, treated, and used as evidence.

The firm also works with forensic experts to help support damages claims in brain injury cases involving disputes about the nature, extent, and duration of the trauma. For example, the professional opinion of a neuropsychologist can show how apparently “minor” head trauma might affect particular regions of the brain with particular consequences for cognitive function, memory, speech, sensory function, or other matters. Most of all, the firm makes sure that brain injury symptoms and consequences are taken into full account in developing and presenting your claim for damages, which will include the expenses of future treatment and rehabilitation as needed, loss of income and future earnings, as well as pain and suffering and emotional injuries.

Compassionate North Carolina Auto Accident Attorneys Prepared to Meet Your Needs

Whether head or brain trauma was sustained during a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or any other type of traffic accident, Attorney Nagle and his team are here to provide experienced representation during negotiations or trial to ensure that victims and families recover the full amount of their damages. The firm knows that catastrophically injured victims depend on fair compensation to cover their past and future expenses, and the legal team leaves nothing behind when preparing these cases for success. Additionally, the firm’s lawyers offer their constant and compassionate support to families during these difficult times, always attending to them personally and immediately, and doing everything possible to resolve any additional concerns they may have. Please request a free consultation to learn more about your particular case and claim, or contact a North Carolina auto accident attorney from a firm that has recovered millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of seriously injured victims.