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North Carolina Facial Injuries Accident Attorney

Bicycle Accident In North CarolinaThe seasoned litigation attorneys of Nagle & Associates, P.A. have been representing car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims in the communities in and around Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Charlotte, and other parts of North Carolina for years. Because our focus is on helping the victims of motor vehicle accidents recover fair compensation for their injuries, our lawyers have represented numerous clients who have sustained lacerations, burns, and other injuries to the face, scalp, and neck. Accident related facial injury litigation is a niche of personal injury law in which most firms lack experience. This is not the case with Nagle & Associates, and our personal injury lawyers have forged reputations as litigators who secure generous results for our clients. Contact one of our North Carolina law offices to discuss your motor vehicle collision facial injuries.

Facial Injury Civil Litigation in the State of North Carolina

In addition to what is often a lengthy and painful healing process, facial injuries can have a debilitating psychological effect on accident victims. Whether a victim was cut by glass particles from a windshield, sustained severe bruising from an impact, or burned in a vehicle fire, the feeling of loss of personal identity is nearly universal. In some cases, reconstructive surgeons are able to minimize the long-term aesthetic affects, but in many instances, injury victims are left with visible scars. For this reason, a standard settlement offer from an insurance company lawyer or adjustor is almost never adequate to fully compensate a claimant.

The following common facial injuries can also cause long term complications:

  • Orbital fractures – these skull fractures near the eye orbit can affect eye alignment, the optic nerve, and visual acuity.
  • Eye injuries – Eye injuries can be truly devastating, and the complex surgeries involved can be very costly. Steps must be taken to identify all parties and insurance policies available to ensure that proper funds are collected to pay for past and future medical care, and for the suffering associated with lost vision and lost quality of life.
  • Dental injuries – Damage to the jaws, teeth, and soft tissue of the mouth can be very painful and difficult to repair. Further, most dental repairs are not permanent and steps must be taken to prove the cost of future care needed to maintain post-accident repairs.
  • Nasal injuries and fractures – Injuries to the bones of the nose can produce breathing difficulty and severe sinus damage. Insurance companies seek to overlook the full cost of proper treatment, and the full impact on overall health caused by serious nasal injuries.
  • Nerve damage – Serious facial lacerations and scars often result in painful nerve damage. Medications like gabapentin, a nerve medication that minimizes nerve pain, are typically permanent prescriptions. We know how to prove that the medication will be needed permanently, and how to prove and collect the cost of all medication you might need over the remainder of your life.

North Carolina P.I. Lawyers Assisting You on the Road to Recovery

At Nagle & Associates, our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to providing superlative plaintiff representation to car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims. During your initial consultation, one of our injury lawyers will discuss the details of your accident, what medical care you have received, and anything else that has been done in connection with the legal case surrounding your injury. Once you retain our services, our office will begin requesting police reports, subpoenaing medical records, controlling insurance company communications, and consulting with accident reconstruction experts. In a facial injury case, we will make sure that you are seeing the proper medical specialists to ensure the most speedy and complete recovery. As you complete treatment, we will gather medical reports and doctor’s opinion letters, and we will carefully research North Carolina trial verdicts in similar facial injury cases, to determine an appropriate settlement amount. We will not entertain an insurance company’s offer to settle your claim until we know all of the details of your case and have completed a thorough calculation of your damages.

Accident Personal Injury Attorneys in Charlotte and Winston-Salem for NC

Carl Nagle and his attorneys and staff at Nagle & Associates are an experienced and knowledgeable team of veteran courtroom litigation lawyers with a reputation for getting the best results for every client. If you have sustained facial injuries in a car or truck accident, you may be entitled to generous compensation from the responsible insurance carriers. Contact us immediately at one of our seven North Carolina offices for an immediate, cost-free consultation. Our number is (800) 411-1583.