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North Carolina Amputation or Loss of Limb Accident Attorney

North Carolina Amputation or Loss of Limb Accident Attorney

That loss can affect not only one’s physical abilities, it can be horribly devastating to a person’s psyche and self worth as well.

Depending on which limb was lost or damaged and its function in a person’s life, it can impact a person forever. Imagine the plight of a skilled surgeon who has lost a hand or that of a promising athlete who has lost his leg. These are definitely life changing occurrences that will require incredible effort and resolve and will demand significant financial resources to restore some semblance of normality and hope to the victim.

That loss can profoundly affect the injured party’s ability to provide an income for his family. The mental implications after an amputation take a toll on a victim’s mental state.

Home Modification

Costly Modifications to the home and automobile might be required to make them functionable. Handicapped ramps, wheelchairs, accessible toilets, safety bars, power beds, safety showers and other equipment designed to help a handicapped person must be made to allow the victim to function in his home. Add to that the cost of prosthetics, therapy and ongoing medical care plus the cost of training or providing additional education for a new career might also be necessary if it could open up work opportunities.

The Costs are Overwhelming

That’s why you need a strong aggressive attorney leading the fight against the insurance companies. More often than not, these large insurance companies are not guided by compassion. Instead, it is the company’s profits that determine their approach to an accident victim’s claims.

Carl Nagle’s years as an adjuster and attorney for these insurance companies have taught him all about the heartless tactics these companies use to reduce the monetary amount of claims that victims are entitle to. He knows how to counterattack these strategies and go forward with a winning case that will bring you an award that will take into account the enormous expenses you will be facing. The Nagle team is prepared for battle and they come to win.

If you or a family member have undergone an amputation or lost a limb because of another driver’s carelessness, drinking, reckless driving or any conceivable reason, a call to Carl Nagle and his group of experienced amputation and lost limb professionals might be the most important phone call you will ever make.

Free Consultation

Request a free consultation. You can expect to speak with an actual person and not an answering device. Our no fee program will be explained in detail. After you hear our proposal and learn more about our very successful group of auto accident attorneys, you can decide if we are the lawyers you want on your side.

Critical Advice

It is advisable that you make that call as soon as possible so that we can began the complicated process of gathering information and preparing your case. Call Carl Nagle at once at (800) 411-1583.