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25% Fee – Lower Legal Fee Than Other Firms Charge

Compassionate North Carolina Auto Accident Attorneys

Our legal fee is the lowest among all North Carolina personal injury law firms.  You pay nothing up front to retain us, our fee is a percentage of what we collect for you, we charge no fee unless AND until we collect compensation for you, and our fee percentage is lower than what other firms deduct from your settlement.  Attorney Carl Nagle and his team of North Carolina auto accident lawyers know that victims and families reeling in the wake of motor vehicle accidents often face tremendous setbacks and burdens. From extensive medical bills to the inability to work and earn wages, financial strains are often the most immediate and the most concerning needs of people involved in accidents.

As a truly compassionate, client-oriented practice, the firm knows that in addition to aggressive legal representation, motor vehicle accident victims need genuine, passionate advocates on their side. As part of the firm’s earnest commitment to truly helping crash victims solve all problems arising from auto/truck/motorcycle/pedestrian accidents, Nagle & Associates offers a unique fee arrangement that further sets them apart from other North Carolina personal injury law firms.

How Our Legal Fee Works

Nagle & Associates’ legal fees are discounted in two ways. First, we charge only one fourth, or 25%, of any settlement that you accept.  This is YOUR case, and we only settle the case if we push all insurance carriers to offer the amount of money YOU approve of.   Most cases settle privately, with no court involvement.  In every case, our goal is to build the strongest legal case, present all medical evidence, and push hard to collect the highest amount of money for all injury claims and losses.   If the insurance carriers refuse to offer a fair settlement, we file suit and bring your claims through a jury trial in your home county.

Most firms charge one-third, or 33%, of the total settlement, leaving 67% of the remaining settlement for the victim.  Thus, our reduced legal fee of 25% leaves more settlement money in your pocket when the case is closed.  Carl Nagle reduces the fee share to 25% because the firm deals with higher-value cases and we feel that 25% is a sufficient share for our law firm.  We know that injured victims deeply depend on their compensation to recover from their injuries, and we also know that we will collect the highest possible settlement for your injury claims.   At the end of the case, we prefer to leave a larger portion of the settlement in our clients’ hands. Second, we also reduce our litigation fee in cases where a lawsuit must be filed.  Nagle & Associates only charges one-third, or 33%, of the amount we collect from the verdict and judgment in cases that go to trial. Most personal injury firms charge a 40%-44% fee in litigation cases.   Whether your case is settled privately or a lawsuit has to be filed, our fee discounts leave more money in your hands when we resolve your injury claims.

Nagle & Associates also advances all outside case costs so that injured victims are not required to pay anything as their case proceeds.  For example, if a lawsuit has to be filed, we pay the filing fee on your behalf and recoup that expense only after we collect money for you.  Some firms require clients to pay costs or retainers up front, or to foot the bill for costs as they arise along the way.  Another example – if an accident reconstruction specialist must be hired to protect evidence and establish fault – which maximizes clients’ chances of winning the case and collecting the highest settlement/verdict – the accident reconstruction charges are advanced by our firm so the victim does not have to fund our effort to build a winning case.  Attorneys are not allowed to fund litigation and bear responsibility to pay case costs and court costs.  However, we CAN cover these costs up-front by advancing payment and we are reimbursed for these case development expenses only after we collect money for you through settlement or trial.   Our law firm also charges NO inter-office expenses such as copies, long-distance phone charges, postage, or other similar costs.  Our fee covers all of these administrative costs as we feel these costs should be included in our 25% legal fee.   Most firms do charge their clients for these inter-office expenses.

Passionate Personal Injury Lawyers Focused on Meeting Clients’ Needs

Everything about Nagle & Associates, including the reduced fee arrangements, is offered with the intention of putting our clients first, and improving the lives of injury victims and their families. The firm’s goal is to handle all of the legwork, guide our clients through their medical recovery, build the strongest medical case, and significantly increase the settlement offers in every case.  Experienced lawyers collect much higher settlements than accident victims who try to handle their cases without an attorney. If your personal injury lawyer increases case value and your settlement amount, he pays his own fees. In most cases, victims who hire a car accident lawyer to handle their injury case will receive more net money in hand even after their attorney fee is paid than people who tried to go up against insurance carriers alone.   Again, our goal is to maximizes your settlement, and we fight to the end to collect the highest possible tax-free payment for your pain and suffering, and for all past and future medical costs and lost earnings.

If you have any additional questions about the firm’s fee arrangements, or if you would like to discuss your case with a member of the firm’s legal team, please invest a few moments to call for a free telephone consultation with Carl Nagle or one of our highly experienced North Carolina auto accident attorneys.