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Medical Consultation

Our goal is to settle your personal injury case by collecting the highest possible tax-free payment without court involvement. The best injury attorneys focus primarily on developing your medical evidence so we can force the other side to understand the full extent of your injuries, the cost and need for all past and future medical needs, and the likely extent of all symptoms and suffering expected for the rest of your life. Concise and compelling medical evidence shows the adjuster that you hold the winning hand. If we prove the full value of your case, the insurance company will offer a generous settlement because they will not want to incur the extra expenses they must pay to defend the at-fault driver(s) in court. Our personal injury lawyers can significantly increase your settlement payment by combining ALL of these efforts:

  • We control insurance communications from day one. We do not allow the claims adjuster to communicate with you UNLESS we are part of that phone call or meeting. Adjusters will NOT be allowed to take your words out of context.
  • We validate your threat of a lawsuit. If you are alone, the adjuster knows you plan to settle. Our involvement confirms that you WILL sue if they refuse to pay a fair settlement.
  • We identify all factors that caused your accident. This allowsus to bring in all parties and all insurance policies and money sources to increase the funds available to pay your claims.
  • We control THEIR costs. If the insurance adjuster won’t offer fair money, we will try your case and collect a fair verdict from a jury. If a trial is necessary, the insurance company now has to pay you PLUS they pay for lawyers to defend the case, they pay for their own medical experts, and they also have to pay court costs, deposition costs and filing fees. We can easily show them that settlement on YOUR terms is their cheapest legal option.
  • We secure essential crash scene evidence. Our early approach to case building secures evidence of crash fault and shows the other side we are ready to win in court. We also properly preserve collision evidence to make sure that it is admissible at trial.
  • We prove that injuries and suffering you endure were indeed caused by your motor vehicle accident.
  • We fight to overcome the “pre-existing” condition defense.
  • We prove and document the FULL extent of all injuries, symptoms and suffering.
  • We highlight evidence of permanent scarring, deformity and disfigurement.
  • We push the adjuster to acknowledge that a jury will have sympathy for your suffering.
  • We communicate with you throughout your case so we know what you are dealing with, and we know the full story when we go to present the most thorough claim for money damages.
  • We work directly with your doctors and our own medical experts to prove the future effects of your injuries. This promotes a settlement that includes FULL PAYMENT for the pain and suffering you will experience in the future, after the case is settled/tried.
  • We use collision reconstruction engineers and experts to prove the accident dynamics, speed at impact, points of impact to your body, and the true force of crash trauma.
  • We engage physicians and other medical specialists to prove the need for future medical care over the remaining course of your life. Insurance companies owe for all accident related medical needs for the rest of your life. Our medical focus will allow us to collect for future care costs, and for future pain and suffering.
  • For severe injuries such as spinal cord or brain injuries, we prove and collect the full cost of the latest and most effective medical treatment options.
  • We prove and collect the cost of home modifications, vehicle modifications, work space modifications, orthotics, prosthetics and all other costs that you will incur in the future to adapt your home and lifestyle to your injuries.
  • We prove the cost of all past and future drug and pharmacy charges AND the likely negative health effects that might arise due to ongoing use of required medications.
  • We highlight the risks of all surgeries and the steps involved in surgical procedures to show the fears and difficulties you face due to your injuries.
  • We show how your injuries might lead to other physical changes and health problems.
  • We secure graphic medical diagrams and exhibits of injury, scarring, and surgery so we can force the adjuster (or jury) to see what you truly went through.
  • We use economic and vocational rehabilitation experts to prove the full amount you should be paid for lost wages and lost profits. This will include payment for any future lost earning ability over the remainder of your lifetime. In some cases, we can prove that your injury will require early retirement so you can be paid now for those future lost years of income.
  • We deal ONLY with motor vehicle accident cases. This focus allows us to remain up to date on all North Carolina state traffic laws and U.S. federal laws that affect your legal rights and the overall value of all injury claims.
  • We carefully monitor trial verdicts throughout the North Carolina court system so we will know what a jury would likely grant you at trial. Without an attorney, insurance companies know the victim does not know what the likely trial verdictmight be.
  • We help to negotiate reduced balances for all medical bills that remain due. If we can get doctors and hospitals to accept less money, every dollar we save goes to you.
  • If you have health insurance that wants a share of your settlement, we work to either defeat these claims or to negotiate discounts on the health insurance reimbursement claim. The money we save is paid directly to you.
  • We structure your settlement so that you injury claim proceeds remain tax-free.
  • Mr. Nagle is a former insurance adjuster and he knows exactly how your adjuster will work to minimize your injury claim payments. He uses that experience to protect your legal rights and increase your injury claim payments.
  • Mr. Nagle’s experience as an insurance defense lawyer enables him to build a trial strategy that will anticipate and overcome the insurance company’s effort to oppose and minimize your case.
  • Our reduced legal fee of ¼ or 25% motivates us to push hard for the highest possible settlement or verdict, and the lower percentage leaves more money with our clients at the end of every case.

Aggressive NC personal injury lawyers will add value to your case. Not only is it easier to place all your problems in the attorney’s hands, but also the lawyer will work to leave you with more money than you would receive dealing with the adjuster alone. Call today and we will explain how we can help you to confront and overcome all problems arising from your motor vehicle accident.