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North Carolina Reckless Driving in Residential Areas Attorney

North Carolina Reckless Driving in Residential Areas Attorney

Car Accident Due To Open Car DoorResidential areas are zoned for lower traffic volumes and speed limits than freeways and other roads, and there is typically increased signage to protect residents from traffic dangers. Drivers who recklessly speed through neighborhoods where adults and children are present may be cited both speeding and also for “careless & reckless driving”. When a driver’s reckless conduct causes an accident and injuries, victims have a legal right to compensation from the at-fault driver and their insurance carrier. At Nagle & Associates, we focus exclusively on helping people who are suffering in the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision. Raleigh car accident lawyer Carl Nagle brings years of experience to his legal representation of people throughout the state, including in Asheville, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem. Before founding the firm, Mr. Nagle worked as an insurance company lawyer and also as an insurance claims adjuster. His past experience inside the insurance industry provides a thorough understanding of the insurance defense tactics used to deny or lower payment to victims. Dedicated to aggressive advocacy on behalf of injured individuals, Mr. Nagle and the team at Nagle & Associates have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of victims of North Carolina roadway accidents.

Hold Reckless Drivers Accountable for Crashes in Residential Areas

Accidents that take place in residential areas typically involve a driver failing to follow traffic laws and failure to maintain a proper lookout for road conditions and for other drivers or pedestrians. Some common causes include speeding, failing to signal while turning, or disregarding traffic conditions and weather.

In residential areas, drivers must use a higher degree of care, since they know or should know that families and pedestrians are more likely to be in the vicinity. Reckless driving is a legal term which means that the driver shows a willful disregard for the rights and safety of others. When a driver’s reckless conduct causes an accident and injuries, the victim may pursue a personal injury claim against the driver, his/her employer, and their insurance carriers.

North Carolina law imposes a general duty of care on all drivers, requiring them to operate their vehicles in a safe manner. Avoiding any conduct that may cause foreseeable harm, such as driving aggressively in residential areas, is part of this legal duty. A victim pursuing a personal injury claim must prove that a defendant driver fell short of this duty of care and that the drivers errors directly caused the incident which resulted in their injuries.

Seeking the full scope of compensation from a reckless driver provides an injured individual and their family with the financial support that they need following a car accident. Monetary damages often include compensation for property damage, missed wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and emotional distress. It is important to recover damages for costs associated with future medical care, and medical professionals and vocational experts may help prove these losses, increasing the value of a claim. Additionally, in many reckless driving lawsuits, the defendant may be required to pay punitive damages, which are intended to punish the defendant for their egregious behavior.

Discuss Your Legal Claim with a Skilled Car Accident Lawyer in the Raleigh Area

At Nagle & Associates, we understand how to effectively assert claims for compensation on behalf of people injured by the carelessness of others. For decades, we have successfully assisted victims of motor vehicle collisions to secure maximize compensation for all injuries and losses arising from roadway accidents. Through aggressive investigation and careful presentation of all collision and medical evidence, our goal is to vastly increase the total amount of money collected for our clients through settlements or through a trial. When we reach a settlement that our client accepts, our firm charges a legal fee of just 25% of that settlement, which is lower than the 33 1/3% demanded by most firms. Raleigh car accident attorney Carl Nagle has helped injured victims throughout North Carolina, including in Raleigh, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Greensboro, Charlotte, Hickory, and other cities in Wake, Mecklenburg, Guilford, Forsyth, Durham, New Hanover, and Catawba Counties. Contact us by phone today at (800) 411-1583 or use our online form to arrange a complimentary in-person or telephone consultation with a highly experienced NC motor vehicle collision lawyer.