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North Carolina Night Driving Accidents Attorney

North Carolina Night Driving Accidents Attorney

Night Driving In North CarolinaAt Nagle & Associates, we understand that the time following a motor vehicle accident is often devastating for victims and their families. Unfortunately, while victims are working to deal with medical needs, employment issues and other problems, the at fault driver’s insurance carrier begins working immediately to establish defenses to the injury case. You have legal options, and you may be entitled to generous compensation for your injuries and property damage. Raleigh car accident lawyer Carl Nagle and the team at Nagle & Associates focus solely on serious injury cases arising from roadway accidents. Vehicle collision matters are the only type of cases we handle. We fight aggressively to seek the full legal compensation that our clients deserve. Dedicated personal attention, combined with Mr. Nagle’s former insurance defense work experience bolsters our success rate. We have collected hundreds of millions on behalf of accident victims throughout North Carolina, including people in Wilmington, Winston-Salem, and Asheville.

When Daylight Saving Time ends – for 2019, that’s 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 3 – many people will find themselves spending more time driving in the dark. Depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision can be compromised in the dark, and the glare of headlights from an oncoming vehicle can temporarily blind a driver (See source). Contact night driving accidents attorney.

Hold a Negligent Driver Accountable for Your Injuriesin a Night Driving Accident

Car accidents may take place at various times of day and in many different locations. Nighttime accidents tend to be more common than daytime collisions, due to the low visibility of vehicles and traffic conditions, and also due to the tendency for drivers to experience fatigue. Impaired driving accidents also typically occur after dark. Sadly, night driving accidents often lead to permanent, life-altering injuries or even fatalities.

Following a car crash, all at-fault drivers and parties can be held liable, or financially responsible for all victim losses. Once their fault is proven and the extent of harm is established, all at fault parties can be compelled to compensate the victim of the crash. In most cases, the responsible party is a negligent driver. Car manufacturers, as well as construction crews, may also be held liable if they put dangerous products on the road or create hazards there.

Bringing a legal claim for damages following a collision usually requires proving that the person or entity responsible was careless, or negligent. Since all drivers are expected to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner, drivers who speed or drive under the influence of alcohol, for example, are engaging in hazardous behavior. This behavior comprises a breach of the duty of care, and these drivers may therefore be held liable for injuries caused by their negligence.

The damages that are available to victims of nighttime car accidents are designed to put the victim in the place in which they would be had the accident not occurred. Medical bills, missed wages from work, and property damage are often recovered in a lawsuit following a car accident. Victims with lasting injuries who ultimately return to work may be able to recover lost future earnings, if it is demonstrated that they will not be able to continue working until their natural retirement age.

Emotional distress and other more subjective forms of harm may also be available. In the event that a loved one has suffered a tragic death, the family and other specified individuals may pursue any claim that the individual would have been authorized to pursue after the accident, had they survived.

A plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit must be ready to show that they were not responsible for causing the accident. This is because North Carolina follows a contributory negligence doctrine that is often quite harsh, since the victim cannot be even slightly responsible for the accident and the resulting harm to maintain their eligibility for compensation.

Discuss a Car Accident Lawsuit with an Experienced Raleigh Lawyer

If the carelessness of another driver has resulted in injuries to you or a loved one, Nagle & Associates is ready to help. Raleigh car accident attorney Carl Nagle’s former insurance defense work experience provides insight into the methods used by insurance companies that seek to minimize payments to accident victims. Additionally, our firm charges a smaller share of any settlement amount or jury award than most other personal injury law firms. This provides our clients with a larger share of compensation to take home. We represent people who need a motor vehicle collision attorney in Raleigh, Wilmington, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro, and other communities throughout New Hanover, Wake, Forsyth, Guilford, Catawba, Durham, Mecklenburg, and Cumberland Counties. To start exploring your options, contact us online or at (800) 411-1583 for a free consultation.