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North Carolina Importance of Defensive Driving Attorney

North Carolina Importance of Defensive Driving Attorney

Commercial Vehicle AccidentsDefensive driving is a useful method of responding to the dangerous driving conduct of others on the road. Being pro-active and remaining aware of potential dangers and in a ready position to appropriately respond allows drivers to react to hazards without risking their safety or the safety of others. At Nagle & Associates, we know the importance of defensive driving, since it helps to avoid hasty, reactionary conduct and generally reduce driving risks. Raleigh car accident attorney Carl Nagle helps individuals who have been harmed by the negligence of others, overcoming insurance adjusters’ efforts to underpay accident claims. Despite efforts to drive defensively, many people often still suffer serious injuries in collisions on North Carolina roadways. Our legal practice focuses on presenting a strong case for recovery so that accident victims and their families can move forward with the healing process.

Before advocating for the rights of injured individuals, Mr. Nagle worked within the insurance industry as a claims adjuster and later as an insurance defense attorney. Understanding the perspective of the insurance company helps our firm overcome any challenge to recovery, and it has led to our success in securing hundreds of millions for accident victims throughout the state. We help people in Raleigh, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, and Asheville, as well as other areas.

The Importance of Defensive Driving in Preventing Motor Vehicle Collisions

Drivers who learn and implement defensive techniques for driving may greatly reduce the risk of a vehicle collision and resulting injuries. Improving driving safety helps everyone on the road, including passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Tools that are common in defensive driving include providing ample space between cars, signaling appropriately when turning, and maintaining an awareness of one’s surroundings. The importance of driving defensively cannot be overstated, for other drivers then can anticipate and appropriately react to drivers on the road.

Despite their best efforts to drive defensively, drivers may encounter road hazards that cannot be avoided. These hazards may be physical, such as poor road conditions or high wind accidents. Drivers and their negligent or reckless conduct, including road rage, distracted driving, or tailgating, account for many causes of vehicle collisions. While drivers who maintain a defensive approach behind the wheel may reduce their risk of harm, they cannot necessarily avoid all potential risks.

Following a motor vehicle collision, accident victims may pursue a legal claim against all drivers and at-fault parties. In some situations, there may be more than one defendant in an injury claim. For example, if a combination of a reckless driver and hazards within a work zone contributed to a collision, the accident victim may pursue a claim against both the party responsible for the work zone and the reckless driver. In that example, not only would the driver serve as a defendant, responsible for damages related to the accident, but also the construction company or local entity may be found at fault if it was negligent in the way that it maintained the work zone. Accident reconstruction experts may help set forth the details surrounding an accident, and a skilled attorney can strengthen a claim for recovery.

The importance of defensive driving also lies in its usefulness in overcoming challenges to a claim for damages based on the legal theory of contributory negligence. According to North Carolina law, any accident victim who contributes to a crash is barred from recovering damages. This strict rule of law applies, regardless of whether the victim is only minimally at fault for the accident. By driving defensively, an injured individual may be able to showthat they abided by vehicle codes and safely operated their vehicle, thereby helping to overcome this challenge to their legal claim.

Proving the extent of injuries helps accident victims maximize their compensation. All of the medical evidence related to the accident should be carefully developed and interpreted. Specialists, medical professionals, and pain management experts can help set forth a clear understanding of the true effect of the injuries upon a victim’s life.

Assert Your Legal Rights with the Assistance of a Raleigh Attorney

Defensive driving is important because it helps reduce the risk of vehicle collisions. However, at Nagle & Associates, where attorney Carl Nagle only represents motor vehicle accident victims, we recognize that there are no guarantees, and accidents still may occur regardless of defensive driving strategies. Mr. Nagle is ready to discuss your options after an accident, working diligently to leave your family financially stable following the devastating harm caused in a vehicle collision. Our office provides a free consultation, and we charge lower legal fees than most personal injury firms at one-quarter rather than one-third of an ultimate award obtained through a negotiated settlement. To understand your legal rights, call us at (800) 411-1583 or use our online form to set up your appointment with a skilled motor vehicle collision attorney. We help victims and their families in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Asheville, Greensboro, Wilmington, Charlotte, Hickory, and other cities in Mecklenburg, Durham, Guilford, Wake, New Hanover, Cumberland, and Catawba Counties.