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North Carolina Hyundai Accidents Attorney

Hyundai Motor CompanyHyundai Motor Company is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world and well known for its favorable warranty. As a popular vehicle model on the road, Hyundais are often involved in crashes throughout North Carolina, which may lead to serious harm for accident victims. Following a collision, an injured driver or passenger may bring a claim against an at-fault Hyundai driver. By holding the other driver liable with the assistance of a car accident attorney, they will be responsible for compensating the victim for their injuries and costs. Raleigh Hyundai accident lawyer Carl Nagle is prepared to advance the claims of injured individuals and their families and to pursue full compensation on their behalf. Together with the team at Nagle & Associates, Mr. Nagle sets forth medical documentation that proves the grave impact of the crash upon a victim’s quality of life and potentially their ability to return to work. Nagle & Associates works with medical professionals, vocational rehabilitation experts, and other experts who support a victim’s claim for compensation. We help people suffering from the impact of accidents in Asheville, Winston-Salem, and Wilmington, as well as other cities throughout North Carolina.

Pursue a Personal Injury Claim Following a Hyundai Accident

Hyundai vehicles are equipped with the ability to reach a high rate of speed, and for some models, their size and momentum may cause great harm when they are involved in a collision. For example, the Santa Fe is a medium-sized SUV, and upon impact, this vehicle will likely cause more property damage and more serious harm than a Hyundai Accent or Veloster. A motor vehicle collision that leads to serious injuries and property damage may be devastating. There are important steps to take following an accident to help advance a claim for compensation.

The legal concept of negligence forms the basis of many car accident claims. A negligence case would allege that the driver failed to operate their car as a reasonable person would handle it. This failure, or a breach of the duty of care, may take many forms. Speeding, driving while distracted or intoxicated, and violating vehicle codes are forms of negligent conduct. Additionally, drivers who do not adjust their speed and alertness for weather conditions may be deemed negligent. To determine whether another driver was negligent in your specific situation, you should consult a Hyundai accident attorney in Raleigh or elsewhere in North Carolina.

For accidents within North Carolina, victims may not recover damages if they have contributed to the collision. The doctrine of contributory negligence bars plaintiffs from recovering compensation in a personal injury claim if they were responsible for partly causing the collision. Often, defendants assert that plaintiffs were partly responsible in order to escape liability. A skilled lawyer can help overcome this defense and pursue money for injuries, suffering, and losses related to the accident.

When a Hyundai driver’s negligence causes an accident, the victim may recover compensation after demonstrating liability. Typical forms of compensation include property damage to a vehicle, which may be serious in the case of a collision with a larger Ford vehicle. Additionally, lost income from work missed due to the accident may be recovered. Compensation may be recovered tax-free for pain and suffering and a decreased quality of life. It is important to prove the full extent of the damages in order to recover enough compensation to adequately cover current and future costs. Doctors and therapists, as well as other experts, can help explain how injuries undermine the victim’s ability to work and to return to life activities that they formerly enjoyed.

Learn More About Your Options by Retaining a Hyundai Accident Lawyer in Raleigh

Negotiating a settlement or litigating on your behalf in court requires a skilled motor vehicle collision lawyer who is experienced in protecting a victim’s rights. At Nagle & Associates, Carl Nagle has been advocating on behalf of injured individuals and their families for over two decades. Our firm charges a smaller share of a settlement or verdict than other firms, reflecting our commitment to maximizing financial recovery for our clients. Since Raleigh Hyundai accident attorney Carl Nagle only represents motor vehicle collision victims, he understands the traumatic impact of a collision, and he is proud to help injured people in Wilmington, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro, and other cities throughout Brunswick, Forsyth, Mecklenburg, Guilford, New Hanover, Catawba, and Cumberland Counties. You can contact our office online or by calling (800) 411-1583 to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer.