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North Carolina Child Injury Attorney

When children are injured in a car accident or a hit by a motor vehicle, emotions can run high and cases can reach levels of serious importance.

Minor Child Injury In North CarolinaFocused on guiding families through these difficult times, the North Carolina auto accident lawyers at Nagle & Associates, P.A. know that car accidents resulting in injuries to children demand compassionate, attentive care and relentless aggression to hold responsible parties liable. Concerned about ensuring that injured children and families have the financial means needed to cover medical expenses, future medical costs, and emotional damages, the firm stops at nothing when carefully preparing these cases and advocating on behalf of families in need.

Child Injuries in Car Accidents

Unfortunately, children are at an increased risk for serious or fatal injuries during car accidents, even when properly restrained. Children’s vulnerability can potentially cause injuries serious enough to create a lifetime of limitations and repercussions. At Nagle & Associates, the firm’s lawyers have the versatility, insurance claim experience, and determination to see families through their unique legal journeys. Attorney Carl Nagle and his team draw from decades of experience and his background as a former claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer to thoroughly investigate child injury cases and establish liability for cases involving any type of injury to a child, including:

  • Unsafe child car seat that fails to protect the child in a crash.
  • Unsafe child booster seat that fails to properly restrain the child in a side-impact collision.
  • Rear-end collisions in which the front seat collapses onto child in back seat.
  • Car accidents in which a smaller child (but within regulations for seat belt use) slips out of the seat belt in the crash.
  • Pedestrian or bicycle accidents in which a child is struck by a vehicle.
  • Hit and run accidents in which a child is hit by a passing vehicle.
  • Fatal car accidents leading to wrongful death of a child.

Aside from the firm’s experience in handling car accident cases, they also offer clients personal service and attention that goes above and beyond the efforts of other practices. Attorney Nagle is intent on ensuring that the firm’s legal teams handle all client service needs personally and immediately. He has refused to employ voice mail for legal staff, and is fully committed to handling your case and needs as they arise, whenever they arise. While the team works diligently on your claim and eventual compensation, they never neglect your needs at any stage of the legal process. So that you have the time to focus on your child and the recovery process, they can also assist you with any additional concerns you may have, including property damage claims, medical payment claims, and health insurance filings at no charge.

Committed to Meeting Your Needs

Certain injuries to children may require substantially more compensation than similar injuries to an adult. A child with a brain injury or spinal cord injury, for example, may have the same limitations and challenges endured by adults with these injuries, but as additional medical and rehabilitation expenses will accrue throughout childhood and because specialized pediatric care and treatment may be necessary, full and fair compensation is of the utmost importance. When parents’ income may also be hindered as a result of the need to care for their child, it becomes clear that families require the maximum compensation possible. Prepared to address any questions or concerns you may have and to begin working on your case immediately, the firm’s North Carolina auto accident attorneys encourage you to request a free case evaluation to learn more about what the firm can do to help. Contact Nagle & Associates for compassionate service and proven representation.