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North Carolina Backover Accidents Attorney

Backover Car AccidentBackover car accidents are among the most dangerous vehicle accidents, and they are also entirely avoidable. Although back-up cameras are now installed in many vehicles, the incidence of backover accidents has not decreased. Simply put, drivers all too often fail to turn around and carefully look before backing. When they rely only on mirrors, there are huge blind spots which leave pedestrians at risk of catastrophic injury or death. Pedestrians and other people who have been hurt by negligent drivers can secure immediate aggressive legal representation from Raleigh car accident attorney Carl Nagle and his legal team at Nagle & Associates. We charge a reduced legal fee of 25%, we are paid only if and when we get the case settled and collect money for you, and we can even meet with you at your home if this helps to get your case started. Our law firm focuses exclusively on serious motor vehicle collisions, and one element that sets us apart is Mr. Nagle’s former work experience as an insurance defense attorney and an insurance claims adjuster. Through an insider understanding of the tactics often used by the other side, we can anticipate and overcome any potential barriers to securing generous compensation for our clients. Our firm has recovered over 290 million dollars for North Carolina accident victims, including people in the areas around Asheville, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem.

Asserting Your Right to Compensation After a Backover Accident

Following any accident, it is important to understand your legal rights and obligations. Even if you prefer not to hire an attorney, you should secure a free legal consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer so you will understand what to expect from insurance adjusters, how to approach your medical care, how to properly use your own health insurance to fund medical bills, and how to collect and present evidence which motivates the highest possible settlement offers.

In backover accidents, insurance carriers in North Carolina often deny these claims by asserting that the pedestrian should not have been behind the vehicle, and that they should have seen the driver backing in time to jump out of the way. Under North Carolina’s pure contributory negligence law, if a victim is slightly at fault (even just 1% responsible for causing their accident), they have no claims and no right to compensation. Former insurance adjuster Carl Nagle warns against providing written or recorded statements to the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster. Remember that they are only looking for reasons to either deny your claim, or pay less money for your injuries, losses and suffering.

NC traffic laws require all drivers to exercise reasonable care, including abiding by traffic laws and other rules of the road. Exercising reasonable care also involves adjusting driving behavior depending on the circumstances, including changes in weather and road conditions. For example, when driving in a parking lot, a driver should show heightened attention for pedestrians who would be expected to be walking throughout the area. If a driver does not use reasonable care, the legal term for this conduct is negligence.

When a driver’s negligence causes a backover accident, a victim may pursue compensation for any harm that they suffered. Compensation that may be recovered often takes the forms of property damage, past and future medical costs, and lost income from work, among other examples. Victims may also recover tax-free compensation for their pain and suffering after a motor vehicle collision. In order to recover enough compensation to adequately cover the costs of your harm, it is imperative to prove the full extent of your damages. Working with doctors, therapists, and experts who can explain how your injury affects your ability to work may help demonstrate the impact of your physical, financial, and emotional harm on all aspects of your life.

Retain A Raleigh Attorney to Pursue Your Car Accident Claim

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motor vehicle collision, Raleigh car accident lawyer Carl Nagle can provide caring attention and diligent advocacy, helping you aggressively pursue a generous tax-free personal injury settlement from all responsible drivers and insurance companies. Our firm charges a reduced legal fee compared to most firms, asking for only 25% of any settlement or 33% of any trial verdict. We are paid only if and when we collect money for you, and our goal is to leave you with more money in hand than you could have collected from the insurance company alone, even after our attorney fee is paid. With seven offices throughout North Carolina, we provide a free consultation and can be reached by completing our simple online form or by calling (800) 411-1583. We have represented people who need a motor vehicle collision attorney in Asheville, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Wilmington, Hickory, Greensboro, Charlotte, and other cities throughout Mecklenburg, Forsyth, Guilford, Brunswick, New Hanover, Durham, Catawba, and Cumberland Counties.