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North Carolina Accident Reconstruction Specialists Attorney

North Carolina Accident Reconstruction Specialists Attorney

Reconstruction Car AccidentAccident reconstruction refers to the process of determining how an accident occurred. Specialists trained in the fields of accident reconstruction physics and engineering often serve as experts in personal injury lawsuits that have resulted in serious injuries or death. These accident reconstruction specialists help determine vehicle speeds, relative positions at the time of the collision, and other details concerning the sequence of events, ultimately assisting in the determination of legal fault, or liability. At Nagle & Associates, skilled Raleigh car accident attorney Carl Nagle represents injured individuals and their families following vehicle collisions. Our firm only handles North Carolina motor vehicle collision cases, and we have successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for people faced with the devastating consequences of an accident. Mr. Nagle worked as an insurance defense counsel and an insurance claims adjuster before founding the firm, and this experience has helped him develop strategies that maximize compensation for clients throughout the state, including people in Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Raleigh, and Asheville.

Accident Reconstruction Specialists May Bolster a Claim for Compensation

Proving fault in a personal injury lawsuit following a car accident may require the use of accident reconstruction specialists. In personal injury claims, liability, or legal fault, must be established by an accident victim before they are entitled to recover damages from an at-fault party. Utilizing the skills of an accident reconstruction specialist may help present a strong claim for recovery, particularly in cases in which it is challenging to determine fault.

Relying on a scientific approach to solving the question of how and why an accident occurred, accident reconstruction experts are trained professionals who use reasoning and physical evidence to set forth theories related to the accident. For example, if a crash occurs on a highway at a high rate of speed, an expert may be able to determine from assessing the damage to the vehicle what the rate of speed was and at which angle the impact occurred. These specific details may be essential to the case if there is a dispute regarding whether the defendant was speeding at the time of the crash.

By recreating the scene of a car crash, expert witnesses may help a judge or jury understand the causes of the accident, which help determine liability. Proving negligence, which is a common legal theory in a personal injury claim, requires showing duty, breach, causation, and damages. In order to recover a damages award or a settlement if the case does not reach trial, it is important to set forth a strong claim that demonstrates that the defendant breached a duty of care and thereby caused injuries.

When determining whether evidence may be admitted into the record, a court examines specific factors. First, the evidence must be authentic, as verified by the court. All evidence must be relevant, meaning that it is related to the party’s claims. The accuracy of the evidence must be established, such that it is a fair and accurate representation. Finally, there must be more probative value than prejudice by admitting the evidence. In other words, the evidence must be useful to proving a claim.

Consult a Dedicated Raleigh Lawyer to Understand Your Legal Rights After an Accident

Navigating the legal process following a car crash may prove challenging, particularly when there are complex issues regarding who caused the accident. Motor vehicle collision lawyer Carl Nagle understands that when a victim is asserting their right to recovery, the use of an accident reconstruction specialist may greatly increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. For decades, Mr. Nagle and the team at Nagle & Associates have helped people throughout North Carolina pursue full compensation following a car accident. Our office charges a lower legal fee than other personal injury law firms, and we conveniently have seven offices throughout the state. To schedule a free consultation with a skilled attorney, call our office at (800) 411-1584 or complete our contact form online. Carl Nagle has helped victims in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Asheville, Wilmington, Greensboro, Charlotte, Hickory, and other cities in Wake, Mecklenburg, Forsyth, Guilford, New Hanover, Cumberland, and Catawba Counties.