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Causes of Car Accidents

Exploring All Potential Causes & Contributing Factors

At Nagle & Associates, P.A., Attorney Carl Nagle and his legal team focus on exploring all of the circumstances surrounding clients’ accidents. By determining the cause of the accident, or the various contributing factors, the firm’s legal team will have the foundation needed to hold responsible parties liable for the damages they caused and can maximize compensation by pursuing recoveries from all available sources. Accomplishing this objective requires intense and experienced investigation. With decades of legal experience, knowledge of the common car accident causes, and numerous resources and professional connections, the firm’s North Carolina auto accident lawyers are able to swiftly determine the underlying cause of an accident with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Some of the most common examples of the factors that cause or contribute to auto accidents include:

  • Driver error and negligence.
  • Defective auto parts, including tire defects.
  • Adverse weather conditions, including heavy fog, rain, and snow.
  • Safety violations made by regulated commercial trucking and passenger carrying companies.
  • Drunk driving accidents.
  • Dangerous roads and highways.
  • Malfunctioning traffic signals or damaged / obscured signs.

Although there are numerous potential causes of car accidents, a large majority of traffic accidents are caused directly by driver error, negligence, inattention, and / or carelessness. As proving that another driver should be held at fault can be complex, you need to place your trust in a firm that has successfully handled numerous car accident cases. Familiar with the current trends and negligent driving behaviors of motorists, Attorney Nagle and his team know how to highlight another diver’s failure to drive responsibly. When it can be demonstrated clearly and convincingly that another motorist was driving aggressively, driving distracted, or texting while driving, for example, you will have the best chances of securing the compensation you need.

Take a proactive approach. Contact a North Carolina auto accident lawyer today!

By reaching out to the firm and discussing your needs during a free case evaluation, you can afford Attorney Nagle and his legal team the time needed to collect and secure all relevant evidence that supports your claim. Being proactive and taking the steps to work with attorneys who can protect your rights and provide the resources and representation you need is essential to reducing your chances of being unfairly compensated. The firm’s North Carolina auto accident attorneys are prepared to listen to your story and begin working immediately on building your claim. Learn more about what the firm can do to help by requesting your free consultation today. Contact Nagle & Associates to discuss your needs.