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At Nagle & Associates, we solely practice in motor vehicle collision law. As a result, we typically collect higher settlements than those that an injured victim would receive privately from an insurance adjuster. Raleigh car accident attorney Carl Nagle advocates vigorously on behalf of injured individuals and their families throughout the state, including in Wilmington, Winston-Salem, and Asheville. He previously worked as an insurance adjuster and an insurance defense attorney. As a result, Mr. Nagle brings an extensive knowledge of the insurance industry to his representation of crash victims, and he has represented seriously injured people and their families for over 20 years. At Nagle & Associates, we have successfully recovered over $290 million for victims of roadway collisions throughout North Carolina.

How Enlisting an Attorney Can Increase Your Compensation

A personal injury claim presented after a motor vehicle collision is designed to seek compensation for the financial, physical, and emotional injuries suffered by the victim. A person or entity that is found legally responsible for the accident is typically required to pay damages. In most cases, insurance companies that insure private drivers or commercial vehicles pay these claims, and they employ claims adjuster to minimize the amount paid out for property damage and personal injury claims.

Attorneys charge a percentage of the victim’s settlement or trial award. Thus, North Carolina accident victims are able to hire an attorney immediately after an accident with no up-front costs. The attorney is paid only if he or she secures a settlement offer that the victim accepts. If the case cannot be settled, the accident lawyer conducts a jury trial to allow a jury of your home-county residents to determine the fair measure of money damages.

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer can increase the amount of money collected by accident victims in the following ways:

  • If you handle your case alone, the insurance adjuster knows you do not intend to go through a trial. Having an attorney involved validates your threat of a lawsuit and motivates the insurance company to extend settlement offers that reflect the true value of your injury claims in a trial setting.
  • Hiring the attorney early allows the attorney to oversee and handle all communications with insurance adjusters. This helps the victim to avoid traps and pitfalls that adjusters use to reduce the value of victims’ injury claims.
  • Retaining an attorney early costs nothing up-front, and gives the attorney the opportunity to investigate the collision, visit the collision scene, speak with witnesses and emergency personnel, and to collect and preserve evidence to prove your innocence, and to prove the fault of all parties who caused your accident.
  • Attorneys understand how to properly prioritize and use personal health insurance coverage in every case. Through proper filing and timing of health insurance claims, including Medical Payments claims under your own car insurance policy, we ensure that your medical bills are paid, your credit is protected, and that you secure the highest possible share of any settlement.
  • Our firm only handles North Carolina roadway accident cases. We carefully research jury verdicts throughout the state and know how to coordinate past verdicts with your medical evidence to support the highest possible settlement demand against all insurance carriers.
  • Our trial law practice shifts the leverage in all insurance claims. By preparing every case for success at trial, we show the insurance adjusters that settlement on your terms is their cheapest option. If they refuse to pay a fair settlement, we stand with you at trial. After trial, insurance carriers not only have to pay our client, but they also must pay for lawyers to defend the at-fault driver, pay their own medical/trial experts to present evidence in court, pay the victim 8% interest on the full amount that we win, and in some cases the judge orders them to pay the victim’s court costs as well.
  • Medical experience is critical in every injury case. An experienced personal injury attorney understands medical issues, can read and interpret medical records and diagnostic reports, and we also know how to prove the full impact of injuries on the client’s health and quality of life. Zealous medical advocacy results in huge increases in personal injury claim settlements.
  • By properly structuring your settlement, your NC personal injury lawyer can help to ensure that your entire settlement is tax-free.
  • Attorneys know when to retain experts to increase settlement value. For example, we know that a Certified Life Care Planner should be retained in permanent injury cases to compute the likely cost of medical care that the victim will be facing over the balance of their life. Because injury and accident victims receive only one settlement or trial award, we must employ experts to prove future medical needs, future lost income, compelled early retirement due to disability, and to prove the symptoms that the victim will likely endure into the future.
  • Car accident attorneys not only increase settlement offers, but we also reduce claims made against your settlement money. Health insurance carriers often demand a share of the victim’s settlement. We make them prove that they have the legal right to reimbursement and, if we cannot defeat their claim, we negotiate on our client’s behalf to reduce the health insurance reimbursement claim. We also negotiate with hospitals and doctors and try to reduce the amount we must pay from settlement funds to cover unpaid medical expenses.

Explore Your Options with aCar Accident Attorney in Raleigh

Quality legal representation can help injured individuals receive more money for their injuries. At Nagle & Associates, experienced Raleigh car accident lawyer Carl Nagle understands the legal nuances of proving physical injuries, including presenting necessary medical proof and vocational testimony in order to increase compensation. Our sole focus on serious motor vehicle collisions provides a strong foundation for negotiating and litigating to motivate the highest possible payments from responsible parties. Our offices can be reached by calling (800) 411-1583 or using our online form to set up a free consultation with a North Carolina car accident attorney. We have helped injured individuals and their families throughout the state, including in Wilmington, Asheville, and Winston-Salem as well as in Hickory, Greensboro, Charlotte and other cities throughout Wake, Forsyth, Guilford, Mecklenburg, Durham, Catawba, and New Hanover Counties.

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