Auto Safety Checklist


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Checking your vehicle for safety issues and keeping it well maintained will likely extend the life of your car, as well as help you drive it with confidence and safety.

Daily Checks

Some of the things you can easily check daily to ensure that your vehicle is in a safe operating condition include:

  • Check the outside for body or trim damage, cracked lights or windows, and worn tires.
  • Look under the vehicle for radiator, oil pan, and transmission leaks.
  • Check inside to make sure the mirrors, safety belts, lights, door lights, and dashboard gauges are functioning properly and well adjusted.

Weekly Checks

Weekly checks that can be done with the engine off and cool, and the car sitting on level ground include:

  • Check the oil and the coolant.
  • Look under the hood for anything that might be cracked, loose, or leaking.
  • Check tire pressure before driving while tires are cold.
  • Check brake light operation.

Monthly Checks

These checks should be done every month or 1,000 miles, when the engine is off and cool:

  • Check all fluid levels – oil, coolant, brake, power steering, battery, and windshield washer.
  • Look for signs of wear in the radiator, heater, and air conditioner hoses, vacuum hoses, and fuel lines.
  • Check belts for frayed edges, cracks, splits, and looseness.

Seasonal Checks

Have a professional perform the following checks in spring and fall:

  • Look for signs of extreme tire wear, replacing tires if necessary.
  • Rotate and balance tires and check wheel alignment.
  • Test the battery charge and fluid level.
  • Drain and flush the radiator.

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