Asheville, NC Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Asheville, NC Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accident in urban street

Dedicated Asheville, NC motorcycle accident attorney Carl Nagle is a fellow motorcycle enthusiast who can help you protect your legal rights and build a successful case for generous personal injury compensation following a motorcycle accident. Carl Nagle has been riding motorcycles for over 30 years, and he understand the dynamics of riding and how a motorcycle operates when faced with sudden emergency circumstances. As a former insurance adjuster and former insurance company lawyer, Carl also understands that insurance companies always try to lay partial blame with motorcycle riders. Because motorcycle accidents typically result in serious injuries, significant money damages are at stake. Insurance companies therefor defend these cases vigorously and always seek to deny the injury claims of motorcyclists.

Asheville motorcycle accidents are quite common. Riders from all over the country converge in our town due to the number of hotels and tourist attractions, and they then leave for day trips on the Blue Ridge parkway and other beautiful mountain roads. Because motorcycling if particularly popular, the Asheville area sees an unusually high number of bike accidents. In every case, motorcycle riders should secure a free legal consultation from a victims’ rights lawyer before they begin cooperating with the insurance adjusters who are being paid to oppose all motorcycle accident claims.

Mr. Nagle brings years of insurance industry experience as he approaches the task of building and presenting a successful personal injury case on your behalf. He also works on a contingency fee basis, so you pay nothing up front to put Mr. Nagle and his team to work for your family immediately.

Holding a Negligent Driver Liable for a Motorcycle Accident

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident in the Asheville area may be devastating. Riders often suffer catastrophic injuries, including brain and spinal cord damage or the loss of limbs. Under North Carolina law, victims of motorcycle accidents may pursue damages from the responsible party through filing a personal injury lawsuit. As the plaintiff, the injured individual would bring a legal claim against the defendant driver, generally on the basis that the driver was negligent.

A negligence claim requires that the plaintiff show that the driver owed them a duty of care and breached this duty, and that this breach directly led to their injuries. However, North Carolina law is very strict concerning who is to blame for causing an accident, and sometimes the plaintiff may be barred from recovery. North Carolina is among only a few states that maintain a pure contributory negligence law, which can complicate a negligence claim. This rule allows a defendant to allege that the plaintiff contributed to his or her own injuries. If the Asheville motorcycle accident victim is found to be even slightly at fault by a judge or jury, he or she would be barred from collecting any money damages for personal injury losses or property damage recovery.

For instance, there might be a motorcycle collision in which a driver fails to stop at a stop sign and, while texting on his phone, then turns left in front of a cyclist. Even if the defendant driver was 90 percent at fault for the resulting collision, if the motorcyclist was traveling a few miles over the posted speed limit and found to be 10 percent responsible, the motorcyclist could not recover any compensation from the defendant driver. In some situations, however, the legal doctrine of “last clear chance” would allow a partially-at-fault plaintiff to recover if the defendant had the last chance to avoid the accident but did not.

The types of damages that may be recovered in a personal injury settlement or lawsuit include property damage, past and future medical costs, lost wages, and additional money for pain and suffering. Not only may a plaintiff recover wages that they would have earned had they not been injured, but also they may often recover for future reduced earning ability and years of pay that they will lose until retirement. Accident victims may also recover compensation for future medical costs and future pain and suffering if proper medical evidence is secured to prove, through a physician’s expert opinion, that injuries arising from the motorcycle accident will cause future symptoms or require future medical care.

Consult a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Asheville, NC

At Nagle & Associates, we provide personalized, efficient legal representation for accident victims throughout North Carolina. Asheville, NC motorcycle accident lawyer Carl Nagle understands the importance of maximizing compensation for injuries, and we do so by building and presenting persuasive medical evidence of current and future medical and vocational needs. As a client-oriented practice, we charge a reduced percentage of the settlement or verdict award compared to other firms. We understand that every case is unique, and we are here now to answer your questions. Our attorneys stand ready to provide a free legal consultation by telephone and, even if you prefer to handle your Asheville motorcycle injury case without counsel, we are glad to provide your best plan of action through a free consultation. Contact our office now to speak with an experienced Asheville motorcycle accident attorney by calling (800) 411-1583. You can also use our online form to tell Mr. Nagle about your circumstances.

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