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Abrasions and Lacerations

Abrasions range in severity depending on the extent and depth of skin damage. Motorcycle collisions often result in very serious, large abrasions commonly referred to as road rash. Because abrasions involve damage to large surface areas of the skin, sutures and staples are typically not appropriate. Treatment for large abrasions is similar to care provided for burn injuries. In more severe cases, skin grafting is necessary. Here, the graft site (commonly the patient’s thigh) will be a secondary wound site presented as part of the injury claim.

Lacerations are deep cuts to the skin, which range in severity depending on the depth and length of the cut. Butterfly bandaging will be used to close less serious lacerations. For deep lacerations, sutures and staples are commonly utilized for closure. In some cases, infection results in significant worsening of the laceration. Antibiotics, corrective surgery, wound drains, and other aggressive treatment is typically required to arrest infection and promote proper healing.