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Abdominal Injury Arising From Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of traumatic injuries to the lower abdomen.  Abdominal trauma can occur because of sudden tightening of the lap belt or other blunt-force trauma caused by collision. Injuries to the intestines or internal organs are extremely dangerous and sometimes lethal. Lacerations to the spleen, liver, or kidneys can have profound impact on the patient’s future health.  In cases involving internal bleeding, we commonly see collision victims rushed in for emergency surgery to stop progressive bleeding, and to remove damaged tissue and ensure that all infection risks are eradicated.

Abdominal trauma often produces serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries.  In personal injury cases involving abdominal injury, careful medical research should be performed on a case-by-case basis to illustrate the likely future effect of abdominal injury for the patient.  The at-fault driver and their insurance carriers owe full payment for all surgical costs and post-accident medical care, and they also owe for all future medical care costs that the victim can expect over the balance of their life.  Our firm works with your doctors and/or with medical experts to properly document all abdominal injuries, to prove that the injuries and need for medical care was caused by the motor vehicle accident, and to prove and collect the full cost of all past and future medical care.  This evidence also allows us to collect tax-free payment for past AND future pain and suffering.

Claims adjusters typically treat abdominal injuries as minor bruising cases or as transient conditions that are frightening at first but result in a full recovery. If medical evidence indicates otherwise, we will carefully gather and present expert medical evidence to ensure that you collect a settlement that reflects what you would expect to win from a jury at trial.  Most personal injury cases settle, but you should never accept a settlement unless the total payment offered to you is within the likely verdict range of your case.

If you or a loved one endures abdominal trauma in a car/motorcycle/truck/pedestrian accident, please make sure all steps are taken to prove the true nature and extent of your injuries, and to collect a generous settlement for your crash-related injury claims.   For a plan of action or to hear how our firm can assist you with personal injury claims involving abdominal injury, please call us at your convenience for a free telephone consultation.