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Wilmington Drunk Driving Accident Victim Lawyer

Compassionate Drunk Driving Accident Victim Lawyers in Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington Drunk Driving Accident Victim Lawyer Overall, alcohol-impaired driving fatalities are decreasing in the US. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that alcohol-related traffic fatalities accounted for 28% of the nation’s traffic fatality accidents in 2019 – the lowest percentage since 1982. That’s good news for the victims of drunk drivers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean there are necessarily fewer drunk drivers on the roads. While the number of alcohol-related driving fatalities also decreased in North Carolina in 2019, the number of alcohol-related injury accidents increased. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, speak with a Wilmington drunk driving accident victim lawyer at Nagle & Associates, P.A. today by calling (910) 762-2355.

Persons convicted of a DWI often face the loss of driving privileges before they can again resume driving legally. This disruption in the ability to drive can create problems for those who need to get to work and have other obligations. Many times people don’t have alternate transportation and will continue to drive illegally – some of them drunk.

In an effort to address the problem of convicted drunk drivers continuing to drive illegally, the North Carolina legislature is considering a new law that would get drunk drivers back on the roads faster but would stop the worst offenders from driving drunk.

At Nagle & Associates, P.A., we believe the changes will help keep more drivers from driving while impaired and make the roads safer for everyone. Our Wilmington drunk driving accident victim lawyers know that stopping a drunk driver from getting on the road saves lives.

Why You Should Choose to Work with Nagle & Associates, P.A.

When you’re injured by a drunk driver you want to work with a firm that is experienced in handling drunk driving accidents and knows how to get you a substantial recovery for your injuries.

  • Serious injury motor vehicle accidents only – we limit our practice so we can do the best job for you
  • In-depth medical knowledge of motor vehicle accident injuries – we have spent over 20 years understanding and evaluating the serious and debilitating injuries suffered by our clients
  • Enhanced ability to strategize and negotiate – many on our legal team come from an insurance company claims adjusting background which gives us a competitive edge in obtaining higher settlements

The Advantages of Working with a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

If you’re not properly trained, you don’t go into battle alone. This could be a tough fight and you may be in a more vulnerable position since your accident.

  • Experience – An attorney has handled claims similar to yours many times before, and knows how the process works and what is necessary for your claim to succeed.
  • Access to information – An attorney has a network of other professionals to consult and who can help provide key evidence on your behalf.
  • Independent investigation – An attorney will be able to spot issues and know whether further investigation is required to get you the best results.

North Carolina to Keep Drunks from Driving with Ignition Interlock Devices

An ignition interlock is a breath-testing device that is connected to a vehicle’s ignition system. Before the device will allow a vehicle to start, the driver must give a breath sample that registers a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) below a certain pre-set limit on the device. All states have implemented the use of ignition interlock systems to varying degrees. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that ignition interlocks reduce the incidence of repeat drunk driving by 70%.

North Carolina requires the devices to be used in order to restore driving privileges for certain drunk drivers. Ignition interlock devices must be installed on the vehicles of those who were convicted of DWI and

  • had a BAC of .15 or above (.08 is the legal limit)
  • have a previous DWI conviction within the past 7 years
  • are granted a ‘limited driving privilege’

However, there is a mandatory 45-day ‘waiting period’ during which time a convicted drunk driver is not supposed to drive. And that makes it difficult for a person to get to work or to attend court-ordered treatment. Many choose to drive illegally and some of those drive drunk.

Senate Bill 183, if passed, will eliminate the waiting period and allow the ignition interlocks to be installed immediately. The new law would also remove other restrictions on when and where a driver can go as long as the device is operating.

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Ignition interlocks are an effective solution to the problem of repeat drunk drivers. Not only do they protect the public from those who would continue to drive impaired, but they also allow a drunk driver to continue to drive by eliminating the ability to drive drunk. Nagle & Associates, P.A. supports legislation that makes our roads safer for the innocent victims of drunk drivers. Our Wilmington injured by a drunk driver attorneys have witnessed the devastating damage drunk drivers can cause and fought to obtain the maximum compensation for our clients. Click here to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your claim for injuries by a drunk driver or call us at (910) 762-2355.