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Posted by Carl Nagle | Jan 9th, 2023 |

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Crash That Is Not My Fault?

Do you need a lawyer if you’ve been injured in a car accident in North Carolina that wasn’t your fault? Why pay legal fees on top of your car repair and medical expenses, when you can personally deal with the adjusters? While you don’t have to hire a North Carolina car crash attorney, it’s usually…

Posted by Carl Nagle | Dec 19th, 2022 |

What Happens When Someone Hits You Without Insurance in North Carolina?

When another driver causes an accident that results in injuries or property damage, the “normal” thing to do is exchange insurance information and follow up with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to seek payment for your vehicle damage and personal injury claims. What happens, however, when the other driver doesn’t have insurance? Can you still…

Posted by Carl Nagle | Nov 11th, 2022 |

How Trucking Safety Regulations May Affect Your Case in North Carolina

Trucking is a major industry in the United States, transporting goods nationwide quickly. However, large vehicles can cause accidents that result in severe injuries, significant property damage, and even death for those involved.  Trucking Rules, Regulations, and Requirements In the trucking industry, numerous rules and regulations exist to ensure safety and minimize accident damage while…

Posted by Carl Nagle | Nov 4th, 2022 |

What Happens if an Uber or Lyft Driver Hits My Car in North Carolina?

Any car accident can be scary and confusing, but accidents involving rideshare drivers are much more complicated than those involving private drivers. Many wonder, “What happens if an Uber or Lyft driver hit my car in North Carolina?” This short guide will help you understand your legal options and next steps following a rideshare-related incident….

Posted by Carl Nagle | Oct 28th, 2022 |

North Carolina Distracted Driver Law

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto collisions in North Carolina. As such, it’s essential to understand what constitutes distracted driving and how to prevent it from happening. Here’s what drivers should know about North Carolina’s distracted driver laws and your legal rights following an accident. What Is Distracted Driving? Distracted driving…

Posted by Admin | Jul 27th, 2022 |

Injured in a Public Pool

The last thing you expect if you or your family goes to a public pool is that an injury will occur. However, there are times when injuries happen due to the careless or negligent actions of a property owner or manager. When this occurs at a public pool, the property owner is typically a local…