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Posted by Carl Nagle | May 16th, 2023 |

What If I Refused Treatment After an Accident and Have a Claim?

It’s perfectly natural to be dazed, confused, and overwhelmed in the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. You probably wanted to leave the scene immediately and rest at home, especially if you didn’t feel initial pain from injuries. If you didn’t seek medical care initially and symptoms began to manifest a few hours or…

Posted by Carl Nagle | May 9th, 2023 |

Car Accident Back Injury Claims Are Tricky, Here’s What to Know

Car accidents frequently cause back injuries. These injuries can be life-changing and lead to complications ranging from chronic pain to reduced range of motion and even full paralysis. North Carolina state law recognizes the challenges and costs associated with back injuries and allows you to seek reimbursement from the at-fault driver or their insurer. Learn…

Posted by Carl Nagle | Apr 25th, 2023 |

If the Negligent Driver Dies, What Are My Recovery Options?

Sometimes, car accidents in North Carolina end with a deceased driver who fails to survive their injuries after they cause a collision. If you or your loved one suffered injuries because of the deceased motorist’s actions, you might wonder what your legal options are now that the at-fault driver is no longer alive. Can you…

Posted by Carl Nagle | Apr 18th, 2023 |

What Should I Do if There Are Errors on a Car Accident Police Report?

You suffered a vehicle crash in North Carolina and reported your accident to the police. Now you’re perusing the police report and notice that the police officer who compiled the report made factual errors. Is it possible to amend police report accident errors, and could an inaccurate report damage your claim? Let’s break this down….

Posted by Carl Nagle | Mar 29th, 2023 |

I Was Hit by a Driver Who Swerved to Avoid an Animal, Can I Collect?

Animals in the road are a common cause of car accidents, especially in remote or rural areas. These incidents often result in injury and property damage. Unfortunately, North Carolina limits your ability to collect compensation if another driver swerved to avoid an animal. Accident liability is difficult to establish in such cases, but there are…

Posted by Carl Nagle | Mar 23rd, 2023 |

Why Shoulder Pain Is a Commonly Reported Car Accident Injury

Shoulder pain is a common complaint after car accidents. Never ignore it, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Sometimes, minor aches can be a symptom of a serious condition that requires immediate treatment. In addition to seeking prompt medical attention, you should speak to a personal injury attorney about your legal rights and options. …

Posted by Carl Nagle | Mar 16th, 2023 |

Is a Lawyer Necessary in a Car Accident Property Damage Claim?

The question is: Should you hire a lawyer for a car accident property damage claim in North Carolina? Does having legal representation speed up the insurance claims process? Here is how property damage claims work and what you can do to protect your interests. Personal Injury and Property Damage Are Separate Claims Personal injury and…