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How to Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you in a serious car accident or another type of serious accident recently? Did you suffer significant injuries caused by someone else’s negligence? If so, you may have questions about whether to hire a personal injury lawyer to pursue fair compensation from the at-fault party.

Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations to review your accident and discuss whether you need legal representation. During this initial meeting, you can learn about your legal options, get to know the attorney, and decide whether you and the attorney can work well together. Do you feel comfortable communicating with this attorney?

Preparing for Your First Consultation

Knowing what to expect during an initial consultation with a Raleigh personal injury lawyer can help you approach the meeting with confidence. Here are some practical steps you can take to prepare for your initial consultation:

Gather Essential Documents: An attorney will want to review any documents relevant to a personal injury claim. These may include police crash reports, accident scene photos/videos, medical records, and correspondence with insurance companies.

Develop an Accident Timeline: Writing down your recollection of the accident can help you organize your thoughts to give the attorney an account of what happened and in what sequence.

Draft Questions to Ask the Personal Injury Attorney: Plan ahead and jot down questions to ask the attorney about their experience handling similar cases, the fee structure, communication style, and the realistic outcome of your case.


The Importance of Honesty and Transparency

A successful attorney-client relationship begins with honesty and transparency. Never conceal or embellish facts or lie to your attorney, even if you think a fact hurts your case. The law ensures confidentiality in attorney-client discussions. An insurance company usually does not have the right to inquire into what a client says to their attorney.

Honesty with your attorney will help them prepare a compelling case. Letting your attorney know about potential weaknesses in your personal injury claim ensures they can prepare legal strategies to mitigate them. Honesty and transparency make it harder for the opposing side to surprise your lawyer with damaging facts or evidence that you chose to hide or misrepresent.


What to Expect During the Consultation

An initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer will involve several parts. First, the attorney may review documents you’ve brought with you, such as accident reports, accident scene photos, medical records, or medical bills.

The personal injury lawyer will ask you for your account of the accident. The attorney may discuss your injuries, including what diagnoses you have received, what treatment or rehabilitation you’ve undergone, and how your injuries have affected your personal or professional life.

After reviewing the basic facts of your case, the attorney may discuss whether you have a viable personal injury claim and highlight any notable strengths and weaknesses in your case. It’s also possible that the injury lawyer will tell you that the case will require further investigation to determine whether a valid claim exists. The attorney may explain what to expect during the personal injury claims process and discuss how their fee structure works.


What to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer During Your Free Consultation

The initial consultation is your chance to ask questions of your own, such as:

  • How many years has the attorney practised personal injury law?
  • What percentage of the attorney’s caseload involves the personal injury litigation process?
  • How many cases similar to your case has the attorney handled?
  • Does the attorney typically settle cases?
  • How often does the attorney take personal injury cases to trial?
  • Does the attorney have any awards or certifications?
  • Will the attorney you are meeting with initially be the same lawyer who handles my case?
  • Can I contact the attorney directly during my case?
  • Can I contact the attorney by email, phone, or text message?
  • How frequently should I expect to hear from the law firm?


Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer

To choose the right attorney for your personal injury case, you will need to consider various factors beyond the years the attorney has practiced law and their win/loss record. Other factors you should consider include:

The Attorney’s Experience Handling Injury Claims Like Yours: If you’ve been hurt in a commercial truck accident, you will want to hire an injury lawyer with extensive experience handling commercial truck accident claims.

Awards and Certifications: Recognitions from legal industry groups or certifications from the North Carolina State Bar Board of Specialization speak to an attorney’s knowledge, skill, and reputation among their peers.

Communication Style: Consider whether the attorney’s preferred communication style matches your own style. For example, will the lawyer respond if you want to text questions to them? Consider how quickly the attorney will respond to emails, voicemails, and other communications and how frequently they will check to update you on the progress of your case.

Comfort Level: Do you feel comfortable confiding in the attorney, or are you intimidated by their behavior? You want to feel at ease communicating with your lawyer and trust their handling of the case.


Red Flags to Watch Out For

Watch out for the following red flags during the initial meeting:

The Attorney Guarantees They Can Win Your Case or Recover a Specific Sum of Money: Ethical rules prohibit lawyers from making specific promises or predictions on the outcome of a legal case. An attorney may offer an opinion that you have a strong case, but they cannot promise you a win or a particular outcome.

Poor Communication: Evaluate how an attorney communicates with you before and during the initial consultation. Do you have trouble contacting the attorney to schedule the initial consultation? Do the attorney’s answers to your questions seem confusing?

Unprofessional Attitude: You may want to avoid working with an attorney who gives off an unprofessional attitude, such as talking down to you, dismissing your questions, or discounting your injuries or concerns.

Pressure to Sign a Fee Agreement: A personal injury lawyer should give you the time and space to consider your decision and consult other attorneys to explore your options. Avoid an attorney or law firm that pressures you to sign a fee agreement at the initial consultation.


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