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Do I have a wrongful death case?

Across America, over 100 people per day die in vehicle and industrial accidents. That’s one person succumbing nearly every 15 seconds. Unfortunately, some of those deaths take place in North Carolina; in fact, the North Carolina fatality rate is higher than many other states, averaging ...
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Should I Accept a Settlement Offer from the Insurance Company?

Every year thousands of vehicle accidents take place in North Carolina. Many of them cause the injured party to suffer serious personal injuries and property damage at the hands of an insured party. Almost all of these involve an insurance claim that is routinely assigned ...
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Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

Contrary to popular belief, personal injury lawyers do not take every case that walks through the door. The last thing an attorney wants to do is take a new case that ends with an inadequate result or unhappy client.As might be expected, there are a ...
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Understanding Complex Truck Accidents in North Carolina

In a collision between an 18-wheeler and automobile, the truck always wins.   It doesn’t take a weatherman to know its raining. The same is true of large truck accidents. More than one in 10 of all road fatalities results from a vehicle colliding with ...
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Compensation for DUI (DWI) Accident Victims in North Carolina

You’ve been injured in an auto accident with a drunk driver. Emergency Medical Service rushed you to the ER and you received treatment. Now you’re seeing your primary doctor and maybe some specialists…and the phone rings. That ringing phone should remind you of one thing: ...
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Tragic Shortfall in Mandatory Car Insurance Laws

  Drivers be warned - Motor vehicle financial responsibility laws do not protect you in today’s world!  Auto insurance coverage was once a rare product, but for decades it has been required by most states for all drivers.  “Financial responsibility laws” are the state statutes that require ...
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Bicycle-Involved Auto Accidents

Bicycle-Involved Auto Accidents in North Carolina   When you are operating a bicycle on today’s roads, you are exposed to real danger. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every day more than two people die from bike-auto accidents across the United States.  Total ...
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Uber or Lyft Car Accident Advice

Maximize Your Uber or Lyft Car Accident Recovery As more people download their apps, Uber and Lyft ride sharing become more and more popular. What started in the thousands has now skyrocketed into the millions of riders who prefer Uber or Lyft to the traditional ...
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Careless Driver Motorcycle Accidents

Victim of a North Carolina Careless Driver Motorcycle Accident. As a motorcyclist driving on North Carolina’s roads, you are vulnerable. According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Association, every year over 5,000 people die in motorcycle accidents. Of those, about 160 will die in ...
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Serious Injury Accidents in North Carolina with Uninsured Drivers

You wouldn’t believe how many serious injury accidents in North Carolina take place with uninsured drivers. One in 10 drivers across America is uninsured. Many more are insured, but only carry the bare minimum limits to cover personal injury claims arising from serious car accidents.  ...
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Medical Records in an Auto Accident Case

Medical Records – When Experience Makes All the Difference in the Size of Your Personal Injury Recovery

If you’ve suffered a serious personal injury at the hands of another, hiring inexperienced legal counsel to represent your interests can cost you a bundle. When it comes to medical records, having an experienced personal injury lawyer – especially one who has worked for the ...
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Car Accident Lawyers In Raleigh

Serving Car Accident Victims Throughout North Carolina At Nagle & Associates, we provide compassionate, personalized assistance to people who have been involved in serious motor vehicle accidents. With over 20 years of experience purely in the motor vehicle accident arena, Raleigh car accident lawyer Carl ...
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