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Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Crash That Is Not My Fault?

North Carolina Car Crash Attorney | Nagle & Associates

Do you need a lawyer if you’ve been injured in a car accident in North Carolina that wasn’t your fault? Why pay legal fees on top of your car repair and medical expenses, when you can personally deal with the adjusters?

While you don’t have to hire a North Carolina car crash attorney, it’s usually in your best interest to do so. Personal injury law is complicated. Insurance companies aren’t always cooperative, and their claims adjusters are paid to oppose your claims and minimize every claim payment.   

An experienced car accident lawyer can ensure that doesn’t happen. Experienced personal injury lawyers help to validate your threat of legal action, gain the insurance adjuster’s respect, properly gather and present all medical evidence, identify and present all money-damage claims that can be collected, and negotiate toward the highest possible tax-free settlement on your behalf.  

Lawyers Can Explain the Types of Compensation You Are Eligible to Receive

Unless you’re a legal professional, you may not be aware of all the damages you may be able to claim. You probably know you can seek reimbursement for medical bills and car repair costs. What you may not realize is that you can also collect money damages for:

  • Emotional suffering
  • Loss of quality and enjoyment of life
  • Lost wages for missed time from work
  • Future medical expenses
  • Payment for having to live with scarring or disfigurement
  • Payment for home modifications needed to adapt to injury or disability
  • Loss of future earning ability and/or potential early retirement due to injury

These are just some of the many damages available in car accident cases. Without the help of a North Carolina car crash attorney, you won’t be able to determine the full extent of the compensation you can claim. You may also struggle to put a dollar value on non-monetary losses, such as anxiety or grief.

An experienced personal injury attorney can examine your case and explain your options. Our job is to help you identify all losses and collectible damages, to gather all evidence necessary to establish your case and to push the at-fault drivers and their insurance carrier to pay the true, FULL value of all of your claims.  Insurance companies always seek to pay far less than the true value of victims’ claims.  We make sure that never happens.  

Lawyers Can Help Maximize Your Payout

In a recent report, the Insurance Research Council found that 85 percent of personal injury payouts went to people who had a lawyer. Legally represented claimants also had a higher reimbursement rate: Their payouts were 3.5 times greater than those of accident victims without attorneys.

Personal injury attorneys can often help clients secure and collect a better settlement than they would without representation. Aspects a lawyer can help you with include:

  • Investigating the case to identify ALL responsible parties and insurance companies
  • Securing evidence and proof to show you were not at fault for the crash
  • Gathering and preparing all medical evidence to show the true nature and impact of your injuries on your health and lifestyle
  • Negotiating with the at-fault driver and their insurance company to push their offers up
  • Ensuring you don’t make procedural errors or miss crucial deadlines
  • Coordinate the use of health insurance to pay medical bills and maximize your settlement
  • Identify and reduce all claims that can be asserted against your settlement money

Lawyers Can Make Sure the Insurers Don’t Take Advantage of You

Unfortunately, insurance companies work hard to reduce their costs at the expense of accident victims and have been known to engage in the following behavior:

  • Denying your claim outright
  • Delaying the process until the statute of limitations runs out
  • Making intentionally low and unfair offers, and refusing to negotiate fairly
  • Pressuring you into settling early so you can’t seek compensation later
  • Shifting the blame for the accident onto you (if you are 1% at fault, you have no claims in North Carolina!)

Carl Nagle is a former insurance claims adjuster and former insurance company lawyer.  He knows all of the tactics that insurance companies use to avoid valid claims, and he stands ready to collect FULL payment for all damages, expenses, and losses that you endure as a result of a collision.  

Speak to an Experienced North Carolina Car Crash Attorney 

Our experienced car accident lawyers at Nagle & Associates, P.A., have many years of experience and can support all aspects of your car accident claim. We know how insurers operate and how to fight for your rights. Carl Nagle uses his insurance industry experience daily to control insurance companies and to build every case with an eye toward collecting every penny the law allows.  

Nagle & Associates attorneys understand the financial stress you are under, so we offer a discounted legal fee of 25% of the settlement. Other firms usually charge 33%, thus leaving their clients with a smaller share of their injury case funds.  Also, our fee is pure contingency – meaning we charge no fee unless and until we collect money for you.  You pay nothing upfront to hire us, we can begin working for you immediately, and we can also come and meet with you at your home if this helps to get your personal injury case moving forward.  

If you live in Winston-Salem, NC, or elsewhere in North Carolina, call (866) 631-2228 to speak with us now, and to learn how to protect your legal rights and pursue full payment on all accident claims.  You can also contact us online to schedule a free consultation with an experienced NC car crash attorney.