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Denied Progressive Insurance Claims in North Carolina

Progressive insures tens of thousands of individuals throughout the state of North Carolina, but there are times when claims get denied. This can present significant financial setbacks for individuals who have sustained injuries or property damage after a vehicle accident. Here, we want to discuss the steps that you need to take if Progressive insurance denies your North Carolina car accident claim.

Denied Progressive Insurance Claims in North Carolina

Why Progressive Claims get Denied in North Carolina

Progressive is a major insurance carrier, and many individuals throughout North Carolina trust this company. However, insurance carriers do regularly deny claims. This does not necessarily mean that a denial is nefarious. There are various legitimate reasons why an auto insurance claim may get denied by the carrier. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Policy limits are not high enough to cover the total losses
  • The individual making the claim is not covered as an insured driver
  • There is no comprehensive or collision coverage for a property damage claim
  • The premium was not paid, so the policy lapsed
  • There was a violation of state law when the accident happened
  • Individuals did not seek medical treatment but made a medical claim
  • The insurance carrier received false information when the policy was purchased

Dealing With Bad Faith Progressive Insurance Claim Denial

The North Carolina Department of Labor requires that all insurance carriers operate in good faith in this state. This means that they should promptly investigate all claims, provide clear denial or acceptance letters, and provide prompt payouts for valid claims. However, there are times when insurance carriers operate in bad faith. What this means is that a claim was denied, and the denial was unreasonable and without proper cause. Some of the most common factors leading to an insurance bad faith denial include the insurance carrier:

  • Misrepresenting relevant facts related to the incident
  • Failing to follow the agreed-on policy provisions
  • Failing to acknowledge a claim or act promptly after receiving a claim
  • Failing to adopt reasonable standards for a prompt investigation of the incident
  • Failing to approve or deny the claim within a reasonable amount of time
  • Failing to acknowledge new evidence provided by the insured
  • Making threatening statements toward the insured individual
  • Failing to make an adequate settlement offer for a legitimate claim

Bad faith insurance denials are a big deal. Individuals who receive a claim denial often wonder what to do next, particularly when the claim involves their medical bills and property damage expenses.

Discussing Your Insurance Denial With an Attorney

Bad faith insurance practices are illegal, and we strongly encourage any individual who has had a denied claim from Progressive to reach out to an attorney immediately. A skilled Raleigh car accident attorney will examine every aspect of the claim, gather the evidence needed to prove liability, and examine your insurance policy. Your lawyer will send a demand letter to the insurance carrier asking for a prompt payout of the settlement. If needed, an attorney will file a civil personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party and Progressive to help ensure that you recover the compensation you need.