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Delivery Truck Accidents

Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

Delivery trucks are very convenient nowadays, but they can also cause serious accidents due to the driver’s negligence. Delivery truck drivers need to make frequent stops, often at inconvenient locations. They might even park with the back of the truck sticking out into the street, or double-park and block the right-hand side of the road. When this happens, an unsuspecting motorist might collide with the truck or be hit head-on by another motorist while attempting to drive around the double-parked truck. An innocent victim might also rear-end a delivery truck that makes a sudden and unexpected stop when looking for the building where they need to make the delivery.

Establishing Liability for a Delivery Truck Accident

Establishing liability for such anaccident can be more difficult than for other truck accidents. Delivery companies and their truck drivers may attempt to deny liability by saying that their taillights were flashing, that they were legally parked, that they were not blocking traffic, that they made no sudden stops or maneuvers, or that the accident was simply the other motorist’s fault. Hire a North Carolina trucking accident lawyer right away if you need to get compensation for your delivery truck accident.

Consult a North Carolina Trucking Accident Lawyer

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