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Car Accidents Caused by Weather Conditions

When you are driving on the road, various weather conditions can significantly impact the chances of an accident. Certain weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, temperatures, and any type of visual impairment can potentially cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle. The results are never good either.

Serious weather conditions have a strong correlation with causing car accidents and all drivers need to be cautious of the risks associated with it. A Raleigh car accident attorney from Nagle & Associates, P.A., can investigate your injuries and fight for your compensation.

What Are Some Dangerous Weather Conditions That Damage Roads?

Drivers may be better off waiting for the storm to pass before getting in and operating a car. It might even be a good idea to pull over to the side of the road before resuming a drive during hurricanes, tornados, and even thunderstorms.

For the sake of safety, the US Department of Transportation maintains data on severe weather conditions and the effects they have on roads. Below is a list of the impact weather conditions can have on roadways, how it affects the flow of traffic, and driver capabilities on the road:

  • Weather conditions impact roads
  • Traffic flow effects impact driver capabilities
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Government duty to provide treatments for roads
  • Assessment of construction plans – paving
  • Strong wings
  • Impaired vision
  • Debris in roadways
  • Congested traffic
  • Delay in arrival
  • Increased risk of auto accidents
  • Unstable vehicle
  • Inability to control vehicle
  • The need for evacuation routes

The list doesn’t end there. The effects weather conditions can have on the roads are not limited to what is stated above. There are many other ways an accident can occur on the road due to weather.

Safety Statistics for Drivers Traveling in Serious Weather

According to the US Department of Transportation, there are over 5 million car accidents in the US every year. Roughly 23% of those accidents are due to severe weather conditions. Further reports indicate that there are about 6,250 people who are killed in car accidents affected by the weather. Particular weather conditions account for accidents, and the percentages are provided below for ten years.

  • Wet pavement account for 74% of weather-related crashes
  • Rain is 46%
  • Snow is 17%
  • Ice is 12%
  • Fog is 3%

These statistics should indicate how dangerous it is for drivers to travel on wet roads. The best piece of advice is to postpone a trip until weather conditions have subsided and roads have dried.

What are the Effects of Weather Conditions on Traffic Flow?

We already know that severe weather conditions result in snow, slush, flooding, and debris that accumulates in the road. When this happens, highway traffic speeds are reduced, especially for conditions like strong winds, snow, and sleet. Drivers on the street want to be extra careful since traffic signals can sometimes become impaired when there is a loss of electricity. Any type of traffic signal impairment can and will cause significant road delays.

Precautions for Drivers

Staying up to date on weather through the internet, radio, or TV traffic reports are the first of many steps to take when heading out on the roadways. Be mindful of reduced speeds and have phone numbers readily available for roadside assistance if need be.

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