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Auto Accident Injury Attorney Matthews, NC

We realize the economic dilemmas and legal issues that emerge from any auto accident injury since we practice specifically in this area of law. Our emphasis on traumatic accidental injury cases that comes from auto accident injury and various other vehicle accidents has driven us to forge strong associations with a wide range of industry experts in this practice area, going from physicians and surgeons to law enforcement and many more.

Affirm Your Legal Rights Following Auto Accident Injury

The time frame following a serious auto accident injury is usually extremely distressing for the sufferer and their family members. Alongside physical accidental injuries, they commonly confront monetary battles as a result of medical expenses and income loss occurring from the accident. If a reckless motorist was at fault for a serious car or truck accident, the victimized person or their family members will want to contact an attorney to directly defend and enforce all economic and legal rights. Assertive pursuit of auto accident injury claims will help to provide payment for the losses you sustain on physical, emotional, and economic levels.

A motorist may be found to be legally accountable for an accident if they were negligent, or careless, in their conduct or behavior. In catastrophic injury cases, it is important to meticulously investigate the collision and accident scene to identify all parties who share blame for auto accident injury. If 2 or more drivers made mistakes which led to your accident, they can be held jointly liable. If a vehicle driver was at work when they caused an accident, their employer’s commercial liability insurance coverage can be brought in and made to contribute toward payment of victims’ claims. Proving fault also requires you to eliminate allegations of victim fault. In North Carolina, if the victim is slightly (even just 1%) at fault, they have no legal right to compensation! Choosing an attorney to investigate the accident and nail down proof to prove fault costs zero upfront, and may make the difference for you and your family.

Auto Accident Injury accident victims may seek settlement for financial losses and for past and future pain and suffering. Economic losses include healthcare debts, including future medical expenses where we can prove that your injuries may be lasting or permanent. Also, we can collect for future lost income and for early retirement with evidence from doctors and vocational rehabilitation specialists who jointly testify that injuries will prevent you from working until retirement. Even if you are back to work now, we may be able to collect for lost future earnings if evidence indicates you will not be able to work until natural retirement age.

Auto Accident Injury Attorney Matthews NC

Auto Accident Injury Attorney

It’s Easy to Retain Auto Accident Injury Attorney in Matthews, NC

Mr. Nagle and his attorneys work on a pure-contingency basis regarding auto accident injury case. This means that we are paid a legal fee only if and when we collect money for you. If we do not achieve success collecting money for you, we receive no fee. You also pay nothing to get our law firm started. Begin with a free consultation by telephone – simply call our office and consult with Mr. Nagle now to discover your most beneficial strategy. If you need our representation, it will cost you nothing in advance to retain our firm and we can get started helping you right now. If an in-person meeting is troublesome, we have investigators who can visit you at your home or place of work to get your case underway. Even if you choose to continue without an attorney, a helpful telephone consultation will help you know how to gain access to and use all available insurance coverage, and how to ensure the most settlement for all of your auto accident injury claims.

Investigate Your Possibilities with a Auto Accident Injury Attorney in the Matthews, NC Area

At Nagle & Associates, we realize that serious auto accident injury have lifetime repercussions. If you or a relative is confronted with this complex situation, get a hold of Matthews, NC auto accident injury attorney Carl Nagle to discuss your legal options. He strives to leave clients financially stable, so he charges less legal fees than the majority of personal injury attorneys: one-quarter rather than one-third of the ultimate award gained through a uncomplicated, private settlement. We offer a free consultation, so call us at (800) 411-1583 or contact us online to set up an appointment. We offer legal representation victims and families in Matthews, NC, as well as Raleigh, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Greensboro, Hickory, Charlotte, and throughout North Carolina.