Wilmington, NC Truck Accident Attorney


Wilmington, NC Truck Accident Attorney

Truck Accident In Wilmington NCDrivers inevitably make mistakes, but there are some ways that drivers of passenger cars can avoid being involved in a deadly crash with a commercial truck, including:

  • Be aware of a truck’s blind spots. All semi-trucks have sizeable blind spots in the rear and sides of the truck, so before attempting to pass a commercial truck, the driver of a passenger vehicle should make sure the truck driver can see him and knows that he intends to pass. Using a turn signal well in advance is one way to get a truck driver’s attention.
  • Don’t abruptly change lanes. While cars can easily maneuver in traffic with little or no problems, the same is not true of large trucks. When a car swerves in and out of the lanes of traffic it might catch a truck driver off guard, causing them to react unpredictably and possibly lead to an accident.
  • Allow room for trucks to turn. Semi-trucks make wide turns, so allow room for them to do so and avoid being squeezed up against a guardrail or another vehicle.
  • Keep a safe following distance. Never tailgate a semi-truck. They have large blind spots and are not easily maneuvered, so if they don’t see you they might hit you.
  • Stay calm. Getting stuck behind a semi passing another semi on a two-lane road can be frustrating, but overreacting and driving aggressively might result in a fatal accident.

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