Wilmington, NC Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident In Winston Salem NCJust as with any metropolitan area, Wilmington sees its fair share of auto accidents. While many passer-by may not think twice about a traffic accident, victims and their families know full well that these incidents can create numerous and profound consequences. From exorbitant medical bills to lost work wages and future earnings, victims and their loved ones are commonly forced to endure serious financial burdens, which can complicate times that are already difficult enough. In the wake of injury-causing accidents, local Wilmington residents can turn to the experienced North Carolina auto accident attorneys at Nagle & Associates, P.A. for the support, guidance, and legal representation they need to recover their damages.

If you or someone you care about has recently been injured in any type of traffic accident, then it is of the utmost importance that you understand your legal rights. A firm that has been representing injured victims and families for years, the legal team at Nagle & Associates acts as first responders who are prepared to provide personal and prompt service to those in need. No matter if you were involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, or any other type of traffic incident, you can rely on the proven abilities of Wilmington auto accident attorneys who know how to successfully resolve your legal needs.

Wilmington Car Accident Attorney

Wilmington’s location presents unique issues for car accident victims. The coastal town of Wilmington is close to the South Carolina border, and it also attracts visitors from all over the country who are unfamiliar with local roadways. A Wilmington car accident victim may be faced with the task of presenting claims against out-of-state insurance carriers who are not entirely familiar with North Carolina law. In any car accident case, victims will also face issues that include:

  • Insurance company efforts to underpay claims.
  • Frequent and lengthy delays in claim handling.
  • The burden of proving fault and liability in a car accident.
  • The burden of proving a victim’s damages.

If you have been in a car accident in Wilmington, then it is essential that you find an attorney who is experienced and comfortable with these issues. Having represented countless clients throughout North Carolina, the firm’s legal team has experience with even the most challenging car accident cases. They also have an active litigation practice, and are able to hold at-fault parties accountable for their actions.

Wilmington Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents are common in the Wilmington area. Wilmington is a major destination city, and therefore receives shipments and visits from commercial trucks and tractor-trailers. In addition, the historic nature of this town leaves many of the roads designed in ways that are incompatible with modern-day traffic volumes and vehicle types. Dual-trailer trucks and other larger vehicles have difficulties navigating the area, especially downtown. I-95 is a major trucking corridor for north / south travel, and I-40 terminates in Wilmington. These two major trucking corridors result in high commercial vehicle traffic volume, increasing incidents of trucking accidents throughout the Wilmington area. As a port town, truckers also pick up and deliver containers constantly. Together, these factors have caused Wilmington to endure an increasing volume of serious tractor-trailer and truck accidents.

Wilmington Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As a motorcycle enthusiast for nearly 30 years, Attorney Carl Nagle knows the constant dangers riders face on local North Carolina roadways. Equipped with decades of focused motor vehicle accident experience and a background as a former claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer, Attorney Nagle further utilizes highly refined skills for the motorcycle accident cases he works. With his talented team of Wilmington motorcycle accident attorneys, Attorney Nagle offers a level of genuine support, experience, and representation that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Dedicated to Achieving Victims’ Goals

Since making the switch from working in the insurance industry in 1995, Attorney Carl Nagle has dedicated his personal life and professional career to advocating on behalf of injured victims and their loved ones. He established the firm with the intent to focus solely on personal injury claims and motor vehicle accidents so that clients can receive the highest quality representation possible. With a numerous cases successfully resolved and millions of dollars in compensation recovered, Attorney Nagle and his team have proven that by limiting their focus to auto accident cases, they can continually obtain the results clients need.

In addition to creating highly effective legal solutions, the firm’s focus enables the legal team to handle all aspects of victims’ legal journeys. From resolving property damage claims, medical payment claims, and health insurance filings at no extra charge to handling even the most challenging legal issues, the firm addresses any and all concerns clients may have. They also provide representation to victims of public transportation accidents, victims suffering from catastrophic injuries, and families looking to file a wrongful death claim. If you are in need of recovering damages sustained in an auto accident, then you can be confident about placing your trust in Nagle & Associates.

Free Initial Consultation with a Wilmington Auto Accident Lawyer

Taking swift action to learn more about your rights and the personal injury claim process can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. By scheduling your free case evaluation as soon as possible after your accident, you can learn how Nagle & Associates is prepared to immediately begin working on your case. You will also have the opportunity to see just how passionate the firm’s Wilmington auto accident lawyers truly are and precisely why past clients speak highly about the personal attention and earnest support they deliver. Contact Nagle & Associates to learn more about your case.