What is an Out of State Motorist Claim?


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People buy car insurance to be compliant with state law, and to protect themselves physically and financially in the event of an accident. Each state has different laws for resolving an accident, and before you get into an accident out of state, knowing the general laws can help you understand the type of coverage you have and what you might need.

Out of State Motorist Claims

State laws govern how an accident is resolved, but the automobile insurance policies of those involved will determine how benefits will be paid. If an accident occurs in a no-fault state and someone is injured, his own insurance (through personal injury protection) pays for medical bills and lost wages, while property damage is recoverable from the at-fault driver or their insurance company.

States that don’t use a no-fault system require injured drivers to pursue benefits from the driver who caused the accident they were involved in. North Carolina is a fault insurance state, meaning that if the accident occurred in North Carolina, benefits are pursued from the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, and, if fault exists, that person is held responsible for the injury and the damages they have caused.

While it can be confusing and overwhelming to coordinate insurance policies, especially if you need to communicate with people and companies from out of state, an experienced North Carolina car accident lawyer can do all of this work for you in an efficient and acceptable manner.

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