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Dr. Tammy Reed - ER Trauma Physician

Dr Tammy Reed, Emergency Room Trauma Physician

Tammy was hit by a drunk Driver, in a stolen vehicle, that was high on cocaine. The other driver was a 33 year old career criminal that had been arrested 43 times, with no insurance or assets.

Rick Mathena - Motorcyclist

Rick Mathena, General Contractor and Motorcyclist

Rick was riding his motorcycle down Hwy 86 and was hit by a tractor-trailer that didn’t see him. Rick slid under the trailer and cut a hole all the way through his foot, it was a traumatic experience. He couldn’t work and was unable to get a response from the trucking companies insurance.

Curtis Johnson - Hit by Drunk Driver

Curtis Johnson - Hit by Drunk Driver

Curtis was hit by a drunk driver while at a stoplight.  Listen to his story of the extensive medical treatment he needed to recover from his accident.

Rear-End Collision Video Testimonial

John Craig

John was rear-ended near his home and his car was totaled. He suffered an injury to his shoulder and a torn meniscus in his right knee which ended up needing surgery. John was referred to Carl by a friend.

Truck Accident Video Testimonial

Jerry and Cheryl East, Truck Driver

Another truck dropped crates in the road, Jerry ran into those crates which threw one crate off the road and the other one into a car. Jerry ran off the road, through a ditch, a fence and into a tree. Jerry ended up in the hospital for 6 weeks and needed 6 surgeries, 75 doctor visits and 125 physical therapy sessions. Jerry and Cheryl were completely overwhelmed.

Rear-End Motorcycle Accident Video Testimonial

Eddie and Kelly Spangler, Motorcyclist

Eddie was out for a ride and was rear-ended which knocked him over 100 feet from the impact. Jerry needed surgery and physical therapy on his shoulder and his thumb.

Car Accident Video Testimonial

Deborah Fuller

Deborah was driving down Duraleigh Rd in Raleigh, a woman pulled in front of her which caused the collision that totaled Deborah’s car. Deborah tore a tendon in her ankle which had to be repaired, threw her hip out which resulted in problems with her hips and muscles in her legs, she also needed knee surgery. Deborah needed constant physical therapy and is still left with allot of pain.

Motorcycle Accident Video Testimonial

Donald Somerville

Donald was riding his motorcycle in Raleigh when he was hit on his left side by another driver. This accident broke all of Donald’s toes, his left foot and his left ankle. He still has a metal plate in his left ankle and still has numbness in his big toe because it was completely detached. Donald was out of work for 8 months and really suffered financially.

Bicycle Accident Video Testimonial

Jack McGinnis

Jack was riding in the mountains with a group and was involved in a hit and run by a pickup truck. Jack needed to be air lifted to the closest trauma center. He was in the hospital for 4 days with a broken clavicle, all his ribs on his right side were broken and he had a partially punctured lung. He needed surgery on his clavicle with a plate and two screws it took Jack 6 months to recover.

Car Accident Video Testimonial

Debbie Burns

Debbie was involved in an accident where another vehicle crossed the center line and hit her head on. She was injured pretty severely and was out of work for three months. She suffered from a broken pelvis in two places, broken ribs, broken arm that required surgery with plates inserted and some small back injuries.

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Recent Case Results

$2,400,000.00 Recovery
Raleigh/Wake County - Contested case where our client struck cargo that was not securely fastened to a flatbed trailer.  Suit was filed after legal liability was denied by the legal representatives of a tractor trailer driver.  The defense argued contributory negligence and sought to place some blame with our client which would have resulted in a zero verdict and no financial recovery.  Our collision reconstruction experts stood strong and we secured a multi-million dollar recovery for our client.

$600,000.00 Recovery
Westfield/Surry County - Our client was riding his motorcycle back from the Blue Ridge Parkway when an approaching driver attempted a left turn directly across his lane.  Our client endured a leg fracture which required surgery and cuts to his hands.

$2,250,000.00  Recovery
Wake County/ Raleigh, NC - Tractor trailer driver rear ended our client causing spinal fracture which required a vertebral fusion surgery.  Truck driver sought to blame an uninvolved driver, suit was filed and the case was settled at mediation.

$1,000,000.00 Recovery
Alamance County/Burlington - Motorcycle collision results in severe arm injuries.   The defense attorneys and at-fault driver denied the claim and argued that our client was partially at-fault for the accident.  Suit was filed and we unearthed additional outside coverage for the at-fault driver, we compelled the defense to accept liability and the case was settled at mediation.

$700,000.00 Recovery
Wake County/Raleigh - Client’s husband called after nearly accepting the at-fault driver’s policy limits of $100,000.00, believing there was no additional funding available for his wife’s collision-related cervical injury.  We forced disclosure of employment information for the at-fault driver, found an employer with a large commercial insurance policy and collected another $600,000.00 for our client.

$1,500,000.00 Recovery
Forsyth County/Winston Salem - We represented a local Winston Salem surgeon and his family and we captured all available insurance coverage limits to compensate multiple victims of a roll-over collision which occurred off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Boone, NC.

$750,000.00 Recovery 
Statesville/Iredell County - Tractor trailer driver was backing and struck our client who was riding his motorcycle.  Leg injury required surgery.  Liability was initially denied but then accepted, but suit was filed because defense challenged extent of injuries and relationship between injury and subject collision.

$275,000 Recovery
Havelock/Craven County - Motorcyclist injured because another driver attempted a left turn directly across his lane of travel.  Injury to leg and foot along with multiple bruises and abrasions.

$852,000.00 Recovery
Our client was one of several victims involved in a high-force collision.  We secured a funded settlement after providing proof of injury permanency and a future medical needs analysis for our client who had a spinal injury with resulting surgery and rib fractures.

$210,000.00 Recovery
Rocky Mount/Nash County - Client was involved in a high-force collision which caused a whiplash injury and a moderate compression fracture.  Defending adjuster offered very low amount due to extremely low medical charges, but case was settled on client’s terms before suit was filed.

$52,224.00 Recovery
Winston Salem/Forsyth County - Conservative recovery but a result we are very proud of.  Our employee referred this client who had a shoulder injury.  Insurance carrier flatly denied the claim and asserted that the shoulder condition was degenerative and pre-existing.  Defense lawyer was a former UNC Tarheels Quarterback who had undergone shoulder surgery, and the defense team hired their own medical expert to testify at trial that client’s shoulder condition was not caused by the collision.  Highest pre-trial offer was $5,000.00.  Jury awarded the full amount requested plus we also collected court costs and 8% interest on the verdict.

$850,000.00 Recovery
Lincolnton/Lincoln County - Bicycle rider was riding on a long-distance fitness ride with proper safety equipment when a driver failed to notice him and struck him from behind.  Spinal injury with a corrective surgery following the incident.  Case resolved at mediation.

$500,000.00 Recovery
Mount Airy/Surry County - Guest passenger on motorcycle involved in a collision with another vehicle.   Client endured multiple areas of road rash and also had a broken leg which required surgery with a hardware installation to stabilize her fracture.

$412,500 Recovery
Asheville/Buncombe County - 94 year old client injured when her car struck an approaching driver who turned left directly into her path.  Driver’s insurer offered full coverage of $50,000.00, but we secured proof that driver was driving for Pizza Hut and we collected the additional $362,500.00 after accessing this commercial policy.

$751,000.00 Recovery
China Grove/Rowan County - Client suffered one fractured tooth, a broken nose, several fractured ribs and a broken leg in a collision which occurred when at-fault driver entered the intersection under a red light.

$577,000.00 Recovery
Mount Airy/Surry County - Client suffered two broken legs in an intersection collision caused by driver who disregarded a posted stop sign and drove directly into client’s path.

$2,000,000.00 Recovery
Hendersonville/Henderson County - Pedestrian struck in the parking lot of a car wash and incident resulted in traumatic brain injury for elderly victim.  Multiple issues contested which resulted in lawsuit filing.  Case was settled for the victim’s demand for damages shortly before trial.

$1,225,000.00 Recovery 
Asheville, NC - Funded settlement in Dram Shop case asserted against a drunk driver and the popular national restaurant chain that over-served the drunk driver immediately before the collision occurred.  Head-on crash caused blunt force trauma to the face and severe foot fracture.  Restaurant denied wrongdoing but our investigation and evidence compelled them to accept legal liability and later pay the victim’s demand for damages.

$350,000.00 Recovery
Wayne County/Goldsboro - Responsible driver’s insurance carrier offered coverage limits of $30,000.00 but we forced disclosure of employment information, discovered that the driver was delivering food for Jimmy Johns and we secured another $320,000.00 in settlement money for our client who had a knee injury and an elbow injury.

$250,000.00 Recovery
Chapel Hill/Orange County - Client was riding his motorcycle when a tractor-trailer driver turned across his lane.  Trucking company initially refused payment and denied all claims and argued both that client was speeding, and that client had an opportunity to react sooner and avoid the collision.  Foot injury with surgery, and abrasions to hands and arms.

$500,000.00 Recovery
Emerald Isle/Cartaret County - Fatal injury with conservative damages due to client’s decedent being very advanced in age and having no economic loss and very low medical charges.  Offers were far below the ultimate settlement, and case was resolved for full policy limits after confirming that at-fault driver had no wealth or assets to pursue in litigation.

$550,000.00 Recovery
Lumberton/Robeson County - Client injured when another driver attempted a left turn directly across her lane.  Multiple soft-tissue injuries and client was on the job.  The Workers Compensation adjuster challenged the need for ongoing medical care, but after a fight treatment was provided.  The recovery shown was for auto injury only, and she collected additional outside funds through her Workers Comp claim.

$1,100,000.00 Recovery
Raleigh/Wake County - Disputed fault case which involved fatal injuries to our client’s husband.  Suit was filed for Wrongful Death and we secured tender and full payment of all available insurance coverage from both drivers who were involved in this three-vehicle collision.

$1,000,000.00 Recovery
Angier/Harnett County - Full recovery of all damages sought by our client who was struck by a drunk driver.  Due to pre-existing conditions, the claims were challenged by the defense but after suit was filed, our client’s demand was met and paid by the responsible parties.

$450,000.00 Recovery
Bullock/Granville County - Client was involved in collision which caused soft tissue injuries to his hip, back, neck and shoulder.  Damages were challenged by the insurer and injuries were also alleged as “pre-existing”.  Case proceeded through full arbitration and the award was significantly higher than everyone anticipated.

$1,000,000.00 Recovery
Burnsville/Mitchell County - Aggregate settlement reached for husband and wife who were struck from behind by a tractor trailer.  Truck driver and trucking company initially sought to blame an outside driver for forcing an evasive maneuver, and insurance carrier ultimately agreed to and paid a private settlement for our clients.

$375,000.00 Recovery
Hickory/Catawba County - Rear end collision caused by a truck driver who failed to notice that traffic had slowed in the approach to a posted work zone.  Significant whiplash injury but surgery was not required for elderly victim who was traveling at a slow, safe speed when she was hit by the tractor trailer.

$357,000.00 Recovery
Fairmont/Robeson County - Client was riding with husband who pulled forward directly into the path of an approaching tractor-trailer.  Truck driver’s insurer denied the claim, but we secured evidence to show that both the client’s husband and the truck driver contributed to the innocent passenger’s injuries.  Policy limits collected from family policy plus significant contribution from truck driver’s insurer.

$1,210,000 Recovery
Charlotte/Mecklenburg County - Client was riding with husband who caused the single vehicle accident.  Insurance carriers refused to pay full coverage but ultimately paid coverage limits after suit filing.  This did not cause insurer to drop coverage or increase family’s rates.

$325,000.00 Recovery
New Bern/Craven County - Client was t-boned as she entered an intersection and tractor trailer ran red light.  Trucking company initially denied all claims and  blamed client for not seeing the truck before she started to pull forward.  Injuries included two fractured ribs, collapsed lung, brief hospital stay, multiple bruises and abrasion and whiplash.

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