Survey the Accident Scene


Raleigh Accident and Injury Attorney

We inspect and survey the accident scene – This essential step should be undertaken as soon as possible as the accident scene is a “wasting asset” in your case. Skid marks and yaw marks are left behind only until road-wear and weather wipe this evidence away. Yaw marks are curved tire marks that help us prove the travel path of an out-of-control truck. Fluid stains on a roadway, soil trenches on shoulders & medians, scattered debris, road gouges, and other relevant road conditions tend to change quickly and should be recorded through an early, careful inspection while evidence remains fresh.

Tractor trailer accidents produce catastrophic results. It is a critical mistake to treat a commercial vehicle accident like a typical car accident. Typically, private passenger car accidents are far easier to understand, and are less vigorously defended. If your accident was caused by a commercial vehicle, hire an attorney immediately. Proper, thorough investigation and case management are essential tasks of the experienced transportation lawyer. Further, by detailing all evidence and losses, your attorney ensures that the full value of your case is paid promptly by all responsible parties.

The Law Offices of Nagle & Associates aggressively defends victims who have suffered an injury in an accident due to someone else’s negligence. Call today to find out how an experienced Raleigh accident and injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. We offer FREE no obligation consultations and work on a contingency only basis. Call today to speak with a Raleigh accident and injury attorney.

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